International Confederation Of Antiques & Art Dealers

Moscow, 4 Ilyinka str., , Gostiny Dvor.
office 300, 109 012
Russian Federation

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Altruist Gallery
Classical Russian Art: XVIII - XIX centuries, early XX century: paintings, icons, applied arts
Antiq-Invest Company
Sivtsev Vrazhek str., 43, Moscow, Russia, 119 002, Russia
Aquarelle Gallery
Krivoarbatsky Per., 13/1, Moscow, 119 002, Russia
Unique collection of Russian and European fine art (19-20 century).
2 bld., 30, Prechistenka str., ARTEFACT CENTER, Moscow, Russia, , Russia
Belvedere Art Center
Moscow, Sadovaya - Kudrinskaya, 25, 'Na Sadovom' Art Center
The main specialization - Russian and foreign painting of the late 19 - early 20 centuries. Conducting market research and valuation of art objects. Over 40 years work experience in the antique business.
A unique aggregator of all leading auctions in various segments of antiques and collectibles. Used by all leading Russian auction houses and galleries as well as foreign auctions dealing in Russian Arts.
Collectsioner Antique Gallery
Moscow, Prechistenka, 30/2, ARTEFACT Art Center
We form high-level interiors, offer paintings and interior items, carry out expert examination of art objects and form private and corporate collections.
Elena Zenina. Gallery of Arts
Prechistenka, 30/2, ARTEFACT Gallery Center, Moscow, Russia
Soviet Realistic Arts: fine arts, porcelain, sculpture.
Elysium Gallery
Moscow, Gorohovsky Lane, 7
In ancient mythology, 'Elysium' is the seat of the righteous souls, where they can relax and enjoy art after the bustle of lifetime. You can make this jorney without moving to another world by visiting the Elysium gallery that offers the best speciment of the works of Russian paintings and graphics of the first half of 20 century, including works by artists of the Russian emigration.
Expo-Park Exhibition Projects Company
Ilyinka, 4, Gostiny Dvor, office 300, Moscow, Russia
Gala Gallery
Ilyinka, 4, Gostiny Dvor, GALA GALLERY, Moscow, 119 049, Russia
Porcelain (Russian and Soviet agitprop), pinting, bronzes, glass, furniture, art and crafts from China and Japan.
Gallery of Russian Avant-garde of the 1910-30
Ilyinka, 4, Gostiny Dvor, Gallery of Russian Avant-Guard, Moscow, Russia
Specialize in materials of Russian avant-garde of the 10 - 30 (books, porcelain, graphic and paintings). Also the gallery presents the first edition of Russian classics, Russian rare and valuable books, authographs of famous persons, old postcards.
Griboyedovsky Antique Salon
Naberezhanaya Kanala Griboedova, 19, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Art consultation on private collections. Representation of clients on international art auctions. Cataloging of private art collections. Organizing of art exhibitions.
Institute of Art Business and Antiques
Bld. 1, 5, Narishkinskaya Alleya, Moscow, 125 167, Russia
Institute activities: basic skills in attriution and expertise of art pieces, competence in private collection forming, art investments, art management in antique trade and contemporary art.
Kabinet Auction House&Antique Gallery
Moscow Area, Odintsovsky District, Zhukovka-Village, DACHA Art Gallery
Kabinet' created in 2003 is a sequential project to the gallery 'Starinny interier' that has been on Russian market since 1996. The galleries specialise in Russian paintings and graphics of the 18 - early 20 centuries and Russian cabinet bronze sculpture of the 19 century. In June 2006 the 'Kabinet' auction house was founded, which regularly organises auctions: 'Russian and Soviet art of 19 - 20 centuries', 'The objects of military histary. Decorations, medals, insignia of the Russian Empire', 'Art and Crafts of 18 - 20 centuries', 'Old and rare books, maps, engravings'.
Kardashidi Art Gallery
Central House of Artists,, 10 Krymsky Val, Moscow, Russia, 119 049
Königsberg Antique Salon
Kaliningrad, Chernyahovsky str., 64
Leonid Shishkin’s Gallery
Moscow, Sadovaya - Kudrinskaya str., 25, 'Na Sadovom' Art Center
The largest gallery specialized on Russian art of the Soviet period. Founded in 1989. Its specific features - high-quality art, precise specialization, fluency in the art business tools and impeccable reputation. Since 2000 the gallery has been holding monthly auction, offering the first names of Soviet art. Assistance in colection forming, art expertise, help with export papers and documents.
Metropolitan Gallery
109112, Moscow, Teatralniy Proezd, 2, Hotel Metropol
Mezhdunarodnaya Academiya Iskusstv, Renaissance Antique Salon
Pestel str.,8, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Mikhail Fadeev Gallery
Moscow, Russia
The Gallery was founded in 2008. It specialises in Russian art (the end of the 19-20 cc). The Gallery offers services in attribution of painting, decrative art, graphic art, applied art and furniture.
Na Patriarshikh Antique Salon
Bolshoy Kozihinsky per., 7, Moscow, Russia
Salon, located in the heart of the city, at Patriarshie Ponds, offers a collection of paintings by Russian and West-European masters, icons, furniture, decorative art, jewerly, prints, maps, rare books in old-made present covers. carries out restoration and examination of works of art.
Peterburgsky Antikvar
Mokhovaya str., 26, Pestelya str., 10, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 191 028, Russia
Peterburgsky Antikvar' company combines three galleries located in the historic centereras of St. Petersburg on Mokhovaya str. and Pestelya str. On the basis of the remarcable collection, the galleries 'Harmony', 'Silver Age' and 'Trianon' created stunning interiors from different from Empire to Art Deco.
Petersburg Antique Salon
Nevsky Prospect, 54, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Member of the St. Petersburg Association of Antiquarians. Salon 'Petersburg' is the oldest antique shop in St. Petersburg. Located at the historic center of the city, opposite Yekaterininsky garden.
Russkaya Usadba Antique Salon
Ilyinka, 4, Gostiny Dvor, Moscow, Russia
Russkaya Usadba' antique-furniture salon presents to your attention an exposition of art items of 17 -19 centuries^ Russian and European furniture of mahogamy, Karelian birch and poplar, bronze, collectible glass and porcelain, sculpture, painting and graphics of 16 - 19 centuries, rare books, maps and photographs.
Russky Modern Antique Salon
Bogoslovsky per., 5, Moscow, 123 104, Russia
Despite our special love for Modern style, we offer you a wide selection of furniture, paintings, icons, porcelain of other styles and trends, as well as collections of books on history, philosophy, archtecture and the coplete works of the classics of Russian literature, gift and children editions.
Sergey Alexandrov Gallery
SOVKOM Gallery
28, Schepkina st., Moscow, 129090
Starye Mastera Gallery
Bolshoy Rzhevsky per.,8, Moscow, Russia
The Pesic' Collection
Paintings of Russian and foreign artists, works of applied art, icons, and unique antique works of art made of ivory.
Tri Veka Gallery
Bolshaya Ordynka str., 16/4, bld. 3, Moscow, 113035, Russia
Gallery 'Three Ages' offers its services in the selection of unique furniture of the 18 - 20 centuries, Russian and European paintings, exclusive objects of decorative arts (porcelain, bronzes), and lighting fixtures.
Vanitas Antique Gallery
Stolovy lane, 4, Moscow, 121 069, Russia
Vellum Gallery
Ilyinka, 4, Gostiny Dvor, Vellum Gallery
Russian non-conformism artists
Wladyslaw Maximowicz
Domkarska 13, 821 05 Bratislava, Slovakia