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The CINOA Prize

Established in 1976, the CINOA prize is awarded in recognition of an academic publication or a remarkable contribution to furthering the cultural preservation through art works in a CINOA member country. By the awarding of the CINOA prize, tangible proof has been provided of the interest which CINOA art dealers take in fundamental research into the history of art and those who have shown a remarkable commitment to preserving and sharing culture.

The CINOA prize has supported the publication of many academic art historical manuscripts, papers or projects focused on an aspect of the history of art that could not have been achieved without this financial assistance from the federation. The prize was recently extended to recognise and reward also museum curators and public figures who initiate exhibitions, conservation programmes or educational projects that have considerably benefited the arts and the market within which all CINOA dealers operate. The CINOA prize funds help finance a selected project to further the cause of preserving and sharing culture.

The prestigious winners of the CINOA prize are to date:

  • 2008 Jean-Pierre Bénézit, France, pour la contribution de sa famille depuis 1910 au Dictionnaire des peintres, sculpteurs, dessinateurs et graveurs connu sous le nom de Dictionnaire Bénézit.
  • 2007 Antonio Paolucci, Italy uno dei protagonisti della cultura europea.
  • 2006 Henk van Os , Netherlands Art Historian, for a life time commitment to teaching art.
  • 2005 Philippe de Montebello, USA Director of the NY Metropolitan Museum of Art for a life time commitment to art.
  • 1996 Geoffrey Beard, England "Upholsterers & Interior Furnishing in England, 1530-1840"
  • 1995 Prof. Alvar Gonzales Palacios, Italy "Il Gusto dei Principi"
  • 1994 Anne Crookshank & Mr Desmond Fitzgerald, Ireland "The Watercolours of Ireland"
  • 1992 Lucy Wood, England "The Lady Lever Art Gallery: Catalogue of Commodes"
  • 1991 Tom Crispin, England "The Windsor Chair"
  • 1990 Dr Ulrich Leben, Germany "Bernard Molitor, 1755-1833"
  • 1989 Walter Leidtke, USA "The Royal Horse and Rider"
  • 1988 Baby-Papion, France "Les Retables niçois des XVe et XVIe siècles peints par Louis Brea"
  • 1987 Dr Roland Dorn, Germany "Vincent van Gogh’s Werkreihe für das Gelbe Haus in Arles"
  • 1986 Jörg Martin Merz, Germany "Pietro da Cortonas Entwicklung zum Maler des römischen Hochbarock"
  • 1985 Dr Joannes R ter Molen, The Netherlands "Von Vianen-En Utrechtse Familie van Silvermeden mit en internationale Faam"
  • 1984 Nicola Gordon Bowe, Ireland "The life and work of Harry Clarke"
  • 1983 Edson Armi, USA "Masons and Sculptures in Romanesque Burgundy"
  • 1982 Marianne Roland Michel, France "Jacques de Lajoue et l’Art Rocaille"
  • 1981 Geneviève Aitken, France "Les Peintres et le Théatre autour de 1900 à Paris"
  • 1980 Norman Bryson, England "Paintings as Signs: Word and Image in French Painting of the Ancien Régime"
  • 1979 Bertrand Jaeger, Switzerland "Essai de classification et datation des scarabées Menkhéperre"
  • 1978 Claire Lindgren, USA "Classical Art Forms and Celtic Mutations"
  • 1977 Penelope Eames, England "Furniture in France and England from the Twelfth to the Fifteenth Century"