ART&ANTIQUE DEALERS' ASSOCIATION OF POLAND (Stowarzyszenie Antykwariuszy i Marszandów Polskich)

al. Juliusza Słowackiego 44, 30-018 Kraków

Tel: +48 12 632 79 96


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AD-ARTE Adam Chełstowski / ARTESSIA Dom Aukcyjny
55-63 Wilcza Street, 00-679 Warsaw, POLAND
55-63 Wilcza Street, 00-679 Warsaw, POLAND
ARTESSIA Dom Aukcyjny 55-63 Wilcza Street 00-679 Warsaw POLAND mail to: ph. +48 665 70 55 63 website:
Adrian Kurowski
Warszawa, Poland
All That Art!
ul. Kolberga 6, Wroclaw, 51-607, Poland
Contemporary art
al. Wojska Polskiego 59/5, Szczecin, 70-476
Antiquariat Krak
Gröningerstr.50/1, Ditzingen, De 71254, Deutschland
Antyki - Biżuteria - Zegarki Pod Gryfami
Rynek 2, and, Ratusz Wroclawski, WROCLAW, 50-106, Poland
Antyki d'Raculi
ul. Glogowska 69, Racula, 66-004, Poland
Antyki Galeria Mokra
ul. Chwaliszewo 72/2, POZNAN, 61-104, Poland
Antyki Jakubowski
ul. Sobieskiego 7, , 41-300 Dąbrowa Górnicza
Antyki Jozefa
ul. Kupa 3, KRAKOW, 31-057, Poland
Antyki Józefa has served clients since 2001. Drop in for paintings or furniture, or choose something from our rich selection of works of decorative arts, porcelain or applied arts.
Antyki M. Widurski
ul.Zwierzyniecka 14, KRAKOW, 31-102, Poland
The gallery offers painting and decorative works of art.
Antyki Sosenko. Galeria Home Decor
Rynek Glowny 29, KRAKOW, 31-010, Poland
Antiques, paintings frames, works of art, antique shops
Antyki Stara Praga
ul. Brzeska 6, WARSZAWA, 03-737, Poland
Antykwariat Antiqua
ul. Freta 19, WARSZAWA, 00-227, Poland
Antykwariat Jubilerski Jacek Zieta / Czas Luxusu
ul. Nowy Swiat 52, WARSZAWA, 00-363, Poland
Antykwariat Leopolis
ul. Krowoderska 33/7A, Krakow, 31-141, Poland
Specializing in history of books in Poland, Ukraine, Russia, and Eastern Europe in general including Georgia, Armenia, & Turkey
Antykwariat Rara Avis
ul. Szpitalna 7/4, KRAKOW, 31-024, Poland
The antique shop 'Rara Avis' was founded in June 1992 and has its seat in the Old Town of Cracow, in Szpitalna Street, the pre-war antique books trading center in Cracow. Our shop offers for sale: books printed before 1945, old maps and atlases, manuscripts and autographs, prints, posters. We publish monthly catalogues of our current offers. Three times a year (March, May and October), we hold auctions of antique and out-of-print books and maps. Auctions of old postcards are held twice a year.
Antykwariat Wojtowicz
ul. Szpitalna 19, KRAKOW, 31-024, Poland
Our antique shop has been on the market since 1996. We buy and sell antiques, including on commission, and hold two auctions ever year. Main areas of interest: books, including pre-1800, maps, manuscripts, prints.
ART DECORUM - Contemporary Art Gallery
ul. Kasztanowa 63a, KRAKOW, 30-238, Poland
Art Decorum Gallery gives professional advice in the field of creating collections of works of art for companies, collectors and private entities. The gallery offers permanent cooperation as to: - searching out objects among bids and collectors - advising on chosen objects, their artistic value and investment profitability - taking care of existing collections of works of art, their digital saving and cataloguing - advising in the area of preservation - acting as an agent in insuring works of art. Art Decorum Gallery, the creator of the first digital catalogue of collections of works of art of the Cracow’s Arts Palace Art of the Beaux-Arts Society in Poland, covering a few thousand objects, offers the following services: - digital cataloguing collections of works of art for companies, collectors and private entities - professional cataloguing, describing and pricing of works of art - preserving works of art - saving works of art on various digital recording devices (CDs, DVDs, mini DVDs, portable hard disks, digital printouts). Currently Art Decorum gallery is digitally cataloguing the collections of works of art owned by BRE BANK SA. 'There are more than 5000 of Corot's works right in the United States.' According to art historians thorough research Corot created about 3000 'works Frank Arnau writes in his books 'The art of forgers - art forgers'. The phenomenon of art forgery occurred when a work of art became a commodity, which was two thousand years ago, and it has been practiced until today. As a matter of fact the practice has thrived because works of art, particularly paintings, have become the most secure investment bearing the highest interest. As a result, the art market is full of sometimes brilliant forgeries of outstanding artists - works which are sold in good faith by reputable galleries and auction houses. The name 'Art Decorum' adopted by the Gallery is an obligation because the term 'decorum' denotes not only beauty and decorativeness but also honesty and responsibility as well as dignity and glory. Works of art offered by Art Decorum are authorized by their creators or have unquestionable and evidenced provenance. Additionally, they are protected by most modern electronic digital systems which enables fast, easy and exact identification in case of theft, which, like forgery, has become more and more frequent nowadays. Art Decorum offers works of popular and recognized artists . Beside works from the leading Gallery of Masters who have an established position in the history of modern art and on the art market, Art Decorum also offers works of artists who undoubtedly will be recognized masters soon. Art Decorum - exceptional artists and an exceptional gallery which fully merits its name. Art critic Jerzy Madeyski REFERENCES: The Cracow Beaux-Arts Society is expressing their gratitude to their member in Cracow, the owner of ART DECORUM gallery, Mr. Przemysław Witek for conducting the first digital cataloguing of works of art which are owned by the Society. The collection comprising a few thousand very precious paintings, engravings, drawings, pieces of furniture, porcelain, old prints, have been professionally documented and digitally saved. In the years 1996 – 2006 Mr. Witek made a comprehensive photographic and digital documentation and prepared, described and catalogued our collection according to our wish. The digital way of retaining data allows for using them for editorial, scientific, educational and exhibiting purposes as well as in the Internet. The modern digital protection prevents from exchanging originals into copies. Yours sincerely, Juliusz Joniak Vice Chairman of the Cracow Beaux-Arts Society BRE Bank SA has been cooperating with ART DECORUM art gallery and its owner Przemysław Witek since December 2009 as far as the project for cataloguing art collections, owned by the bank, is concerned. The project aimed at creating an electronic, multimedia program – a catalogue used for presenting and archiving pieces of art and especially: photographing and preparing descriptions to the objects in the catalogue, indicating their location within the Bank units all over the country, their pricing as well as information on preserving methods. The cooperation revealed ART DECORUM to be a reliable and trustworthy party, showing advanced professionalism and experience in precise, timely realisation of the ordered services. With respect to that, BRE BANK SA declares permanent cooperation with ART DECORUM art gallery. Cooperation with Mr. Witek is to be recommended to all potential clients appreciating professional approach, timeliness and reliability. Administration & Service Dept. Manager Monika Rutka-Żuk
Art in House Auction House
ul. Foksal 11, Warszawa, 00-372, Poland
ART IN HOUSE’S ACTIVITIES - auctions of paintings and sculpture by young Polish artists; - identification of movements within art markets; - building and managing collections; - bespoke solutions.
Artemis - Art Gallery
ul. Poselska 15, KRAKOW, 31-002, Poland
ul. Dzielna 3, Warszawa, 00-162, Poland
Web portal devoted to the arts, on-line auctions.
Al. Wyscigowa 4c/47, Warszawa, Warszawa, 02-681, Poland
ul. Diamentowa 5/16, 20-447 Lublin, Poland
ul. Paderewskiego 8, (Bazar Poznanski), POZNAN, 61-770, Poland
The idea of ARTYKWARIAT is to face the growing demand for European art which so far is hardly obtainable on the Polish market. The gallery aims at the promotion and sale of painting and applied art. It is mainly focused on the art of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, from France, Germany, the Netherlands, England, and Poland, among others. Within the walls of ARTYKWARIAT,a passion for traditional art meets modern ways of art sale. Our customers are offered exquisite objects of high artistic value, reliable service, and professional investment advice. We carry out individual orders such as, for instance, searching for particular artefacts on the market, and bidding on behalf of our clients at Polish and foreign auctions. In addition, we offer our help in building collections for private and public interiors. Constant cooperation with a group of professionals - both experts and conservators, enables us to ensure the highest quality of provided services
Auction House Agra-Art
ul. Wilcza 55/63, WARSZAWA, 00-679, Poland
The Agra-Agrt auction house stages auctions of top-ranking Polish paintings from the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as centemporary productions. Our Web databases contain auction results and pictures of objects since 1990. An on-line bidding functionality is available for all our auctions. Auctions are held at Hotel Bristol, Warsaw, ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 42/44. English, French, German and Russian spoken.
Bibliotrop Acta Team
ul. Gdanska 10, Bydgoszcz, 85-006, Poland
Boldok Slawomir
ul. Krasinskiego 4/33, Warszawa, 01-601, Poland
Bydgoski Antykwariat Naukowy
Stary Rynek 3, BYDGOSZCZ, 85-105, Poland
Bydgoski Antykwariat Naukowy was founded in 1952. The antique shop specialises in books (including incunabula, antique biiks, ilustrated books and books on the past of Prussia and Pomerania), documents and manuscripts, art book covers, old and contemporary graphic arts, and cartography. The antique ahop has been the organizer of Polish Antique Auctions sience 1969.
Connaisseur - Salon Antykwaryczny, Galeria
Rynek Glowny 11, I p., KRAKOW, 31-042, Poland
The gallery offers a wide selection of Polish 19th and 20th-century painting, European painting, sculpture, old silverware, porcelain, mantle clocks, carpets and furniture.
Desa Katowice
ul. Mariacka 5, KATOWICE, 40-014, Poland
Desa Krakow
ul. Florianska 13, KRAKOW, 31-019, Poland
Desa Rzeszow
Rynek 4, RZESZOW, 35-060, Poland
Dom Aukcyjny Desa Unicum
ul. Marszalkowska 34/50, WARSZAWA, 00-639, Poland
Dom Aukcyjny i Antykwariat DAES
Plac Kosciuszki 14 -15, Wrocław, 50 – 027, Poland
Dom Aukcyjny Okna Sztuki
al. Ujazdowskie 16/8, Warszawa, 00-478, Poland
Dom Aukcyjny Ostoya
ul. Gen. Zajaczka 8, WARSZAWA, 01-522, Poland
Dom Aukcyjny Polswiss Art
ul. Wiejska 20, Warszawa, 00-490, Poland
Dom Aukcyjny Rempex
ul. Karowa 31, WARSZAWA, 00-324, Poland
Antiquities, carpets, drawings, furniture, glass, jewellery, Judaica, paintings, porcelain & pottery, sculpture,silver, watercolors
Firma Filatelistyczna Grzegorz Marzec
ul. Zwierzyniecka 24/D104, KRAKOW, 31-105, Poland
Galeria Antykwariat Connaisseur
ul. Grzybowska 12/14, WARSZAWA, 00-132, Poland
Galeria aTAK
ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 16/18, Warszawa, 00-325, Poland
Al. Komisji Edukacji Narodowej 97, Warszawa, 02-777, Poland
We are a family-run gallery that has its seat in a location it has owened since 1998, offering old furniture (Art Nouveau ant Art Deco) period porcelain, glass, silver and plated items, as well as painting, chiefly Polish, older than 1939.
Galeria Dylag
ul. Sw. Tomasza 22, KRAKOW, 30-027, Poland
Painting, drawing, graphics, photography, sculpture.
Galeria Grazyna Niezgoda
ul. 22 stycznia 11, PRZEMYSL, 37-700, Poland
Painting, decorative arts, photographs
Galeria J.A.D. Antyki i Dziela Sztuki
Glowny Rynek 10, KALISZ, 62-800, Poland
Galeria K - Dziela Sztuki
3 maja 23, PRZEMYSL, 37-700, Poland
Polish painting, icons, silver.
Galeria Piekary
ul. Sw. Marcin 80/82, POZNAN, 61-809, Poland
Galeria Piotra Uznańskiego
ul. Piotrkowska 31, Lodz, 90-410, Poland
Galeria Sarapata / Antykwariat Polski
ul. Piękna 11b/1, Warszawa, 00-549, Poland
Galeria Starmach
ul. Wegierska 5, KRAKOW, 30-535, Poland
Andrzej Starmach (b. 1953), art historian, dealer, collector and sponsor. Since 1989, he has run a contemporary art gallery together with his wife Teresa. Its first home was in Krakow’s Main Square. Ever since it was created, Galeria Starmach has cooperated with the most celebrated Polish artists. It has staged scores of solo exhibitions presenting the oeuvre of artists such as Jerzy Nowosielski, Tadeusz Kantor, Roman Opałka, Henryk Stażewski, Tadeusz Brzozowski, marek Piasecki or Jonasz Stern. In 1997, following a revamp of a historical Jewish prayers house in Podgórze district (Zucher House), Galeria Starmach found there new vast and modern exhibiting space. With the opening of the new showrooms the programme of the gallery was modified: apart from classics of post-war Polish art, international artists began to appear there as well. On view have been works by Nobuyoshi Araki, Joseph Beuys, Louise Borgeois, Meret Oppenheim, Andy Warhol, Alberto Giacometti and many others. Also, exhibitions of photographs are organised at Galeria Starmach more and more often. Contemporary art is promoted not only by regular exhibitions but also by publishing perfectly edited catalogues and promoting artists tied with Galeria Starmach at other galleries and cultural centres nationwide and worldwide, for example at Art
Galeria Sztuka i Antyki Leszek Was
ul. Cieszynska 7, BIELSKO-BIALA, 43-300, Poland
The Sztuka i Antyki gallery was founded 1991. We are SAP and CINOA members. During the sixteen years of our antique shop's existence we have worked out a wide offer covering not only painting, prints and sculpture, but also a rich selsction, of design (furniture, glass, textiles and other decorative works). We also provide valuation and interior design services.
Galeria Sztuki BP
ul. Drzeworytnikow 55, Warszawa, 01-341, Poland
Galeria Sztyler
ul. Katedralna 2, TARNOW, 33-100, Poland
Galerie Roi Dore
6, Rue Sainte Anastase, 75 003, PARIS, FRANCE
Gniewaszewski Romuald
Warszawa, Poland
art dealer
ul. Mazowiecka 3/5, 00-052 Warszawa, Poland
Grafiteria ul. Mazowiecka 3/5 00-052 Warszawa Poland +48 508 176 900 +48 22 751 95 65
ul. Legionow 32, Tarnow, 33-100, Poland
Jerzy Huczkowski
KRAKOW, Poland
antique dealer
Jubiler Furmaniak
Plac Wolności 9, POZNAN, 61-738, POLAND
KAREA Gemstone Space
Al. "Solidarności" 93,, 00-144 Warszawa, POLAND
KAREA Gemstone Space Al. "Solidarności" 93, 00-144 Warszawa POLAND mail to: tel.: +48 822 700 122 website:
Katarzyna Wąs Art Advisory
Warsaw,, POLAND
art advisory
Forest Hills, NY11375, Kessel Street, New York, 71-40, USA
KENDART Ltd. based in New York deals in Polish art exclusively: buys and sells art, renders expert opinions and valuations, organises auctions, builds private and corporate collecuins, and curates exhibitions of contemporary and traditional Polish art. Corporation owned by Andrzej Kenda, graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. Open by appointment only.
Krakowski Dom Aukcyjny
ul. Starowislna 14, KRAKOW, 31-032, Poland
Libra Auction House
Libra Dom Aukcyjny, , +48 22 328 80 31, +48 660 299 912, ul. Emilii Plater 49 XIII p., 00-125 Warszawa,
M.D.M. Dziela Sztuki i Antyki
ul. Marszalkowska 43, WARSZAWA, 00-648, Poland
Marek Kruczek Ph.D. Antyki z Pasja Gallery
Dietla 107 Str., 31-031 Cracov, Poland
Marek Kruczek Ph.D. Antyki z Pasja Gallery Dietla 107 Str., 31-031 Cracov, Poland phone: (+48) 535-88-99-55
NAUTILUS Galeria i Dom Aukcyjny Sp. z o.o. spółka komandytowa
ul. Świętego Jana 12, KRAKOW, 31-018, Poland
Nautilus was established in 1993 by Michał Maksymiuk and Maciej Żywolewski. The company was a co-creator and publisher of 'Gazeta Antykwaryczna' and it also set up Stowarzyszenie Antykwariuszy Polskich (Association of Polish Antiquarians). Nautilus is a member of international association 'Confederation Internationale des Negociants en Oeuvres d'Art' (C.I.N.O.A). It co-operates with museums, auction houses, galleries and non-commercial exhibition institutions. Nautilus participates in art markets. From the beginning we specialize in painting and graphic arts by trading and promoting art. In 2006 the company moved a base to a tenement house from XIX century (ul. Pijarska 5/2a). In an eclectic edifice with a view on Planty on one side and on a charming, Italian style backyard on the other there are organized exhibitions and auctions which, especially those concerning artistic graphic, pass as ones of the best in Poland. It is appreciated by constantly growing group of connoisseurs who know that in Gallery they can buy the highest quality works, rarities that supplement private and public collections. Nautilus is interested in Polish painting from XX century and modern art. In the offer there were and there are works made by famous, well-known from history artists but also works of young artists still fighting for a position in Polish painting world. We are open for a good sculpture, ceramics and artistic weaving.
OCHWEST Art Advisory & Brand Agency
Oksana Bagriy Art Advisory
art advisory
Piotr Plata
KRAKOW, Poland
Polski Dom Aukcyjny
ul. Stefana Batorego 2, KRAKOW, 31-135, POLAND
Portolan Pawel Podniesinski
ul. Mlynarska 24/4, Siedlce, 08-110, Poland
Pracownia Konserwatorska Art Reno
ul. Hagera 55, ZABRZE, 41-800, Poland
Stalowa 3, , 03-425 Warszawa (metro Warszawa Wileńska), POLAND
Stalowa 3, 03-425 Warszawa (metro Warszawa Wileńska) POLAND E-mail: Website:
Prima Porta Antiquities
Gallery, Wilanow, 8, Ks. P. A. Hlonda Street, 02972 Warsaw, Poland
Showroom, Brandenburger Tor, Pariser Platz 3, 10117 Berlin, Deutschland
Authentic Archaeological Works of Art from Ancient Greece, Cyprus, Etruria, Roman Empire, Dynastic Egypt, Near East and Mesopotamia, Byzancium, Tibet, Far East, Neolithic and Imperial China, Pre-Columbian America and many other ancient cultures. Authentische archäologische Kunst aus dem antiken Griechenland, Zypern, Römischen Imperium, Alten Ägypten, Naher Osten und Mesopotamien, Tibet, Ost-Asien, Alten China sowie Präkolumbische Kunst und viele andere antike Kulturen.
proarte modern & contemporary fine art gallery
ul. Szczodra 33, Gdańsk, 80-283, Poland
Additional info: Exhibition Hall proarte in Rezydent Hotel ***** Sopot, 81-704 Sopot, Pl. Konstytucji 3 Maja 3; e-mail:,
RAVEN - Art Gallery
ul. Brzozowa 7, KRAKOW, 31-050, POLAND
The Gallery offers paintings, furniture, and utility art.
Robert Fizek Art Consultant
Al. Jerozolimskie 85, lokal 21, Warszawa, 02-001, Poland
Rosiak Marek Kosma
ul. Sienkiewicza 52/1, LODZ, 90-058, Poland
Rynek Sztuki
ul. Wschodnia 69, Ip., LODZ, 90-266, Poland
Offering antiques, old paintings and prints, period furniture datable to the 19th and 20th centuries, decorative arts and contemporary art. Expert certificates ond valuations od work of art available. Organising art auctions and exhibitions.
Salon Antykow i Galeria Aka
ul. Pulaskiego 21, KRAKOW, 30-305, Poland
The AKA Salon &Amp; Gallery is located in a historical studio, dating back to Polish Fin du Siecle.j The stylish interior sers off an exciting display of old furniture, paintings, craft, as well as houses exhibitions and auctions. 19th and 20th century furniture sets: parlours, cabinets, dining rooms, bedrooms and individual pieces, both renovated and requiring renovation, are on permanent offer, exemplifying such styles as Biedermeier, Louis Philip, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Chippendale, Eclectism. The gallery has a large collection of Polish painters, lamps, clocks, china and bibelots.
Salon Antykow Pasja
ul. Jagiellonska 9, KRAKOW, 31-010, Poland
Antique collectibles, painting, furniture, icons, timepieces, sliverware, jewellery, porcelains, carpets and arms.
Salon Sztuki Dawnej ANTYK
ul. 3 Maja 12/1, LUBLIN, 20-078, Poland
Sklep Antykwaryczny
ul. Warszawska 92, CZESTOCHOWA, 42-200, Poland
Sopocki Dom Aukcyjny-Gdansk
ul. Dluga 67/68, GDANSK, 80-827, Poland
Sopocki Dom Aukcyjny-Sopot
ul. Bohaterów Monte Cassino 43, SOPOT, 81-768, Poland
STALOWA Art Gallery
Warszawa, 03-426, POLAND
True as steel* Stalowa jest prywatną galerią sztuki współczesnej, działającą na warszawskiej Pradze, przy ulicy Stalowej 26. Jej właścicielem jest Krzysztof Fabijański, a dyrektorem artystycznym Krzysztof Stanisławski. Stalowa is a privately run modern art gallery located in Warsaw’s Praga city district at 26 Stalowa Street. The owner of Stalowa is Krzysztof Fabijański and Krzysztof Stanisławski is the art director. Rozpoczynamy działalność 10 maja 2013 wystawą pt. „Edward Dwurnik nad morzem”. Przewidujemy organizację ok. 10 pokazów indywidualnych rocznie, także ekspozycje zbiorowe i poplenerowe. We have launched with the exhibition of ‘Edward Dwurnik on the Sea’. We anticipate to organize around 10 individual exhibitions annually, including group and plein-air shows. Głównym założeniem programowym STALOWEJ jest zapewnienie profesjonalnych warunków promocji młodym polskim artystom, zwłaszcza malarzom, ponieważ wierzymy w polskie malarstwo współczesne i uznajemy je za zjawisko bardzo wartościowe, różnorodne i godne promocji europejskiej i światowej. Our main aim is to professionally promote and support young Polish artists, especially painters, because we believe in Polish contemporary painting and perceive it as very significant, diverse and worth promoting all over Europe and worldwide. Wolą Stalowej jest prezentacja najwybitniejszych młodych malarzy, zarówno już uznanych i nagradzanych w krajowych i międzynarodowych konkursach, jak i najmłodszych talentów. We are as true as steel in our mission to present you the most outstanding young painters – the ones who are already nationally and internationally recognised and the new rising talents. Pragniemy także przedstawiać dokonania klasyków polskiej sztuki, zwłaszcza klasyków najmłodszych, debiutujących w trudnych latach 80. XX w. Niegdyś młodych i „dzikich”, dziś profesorów Akademii i wychowawców nowych pokoleń. We are also eager and pleased to present the achievements of the latest generation of classic artists – once young and ‘wild’, having made debut in the difficult 80’, now acclaimed academic professors and mentors of the new generations. Wolą Stalowej jest także promocja mniej znanych, a niezwykle wartościowych artystów zagranicznych, zwłaszcza ze Wschodu – tego najbliższego, ale i najdalszego. Stąd planowane wystawy indywidualne i zbiorowe twórców z Litwy, Białorusi, Ukrainy, ale i Korei Południowej czy Tajwanu. Chcielibyśmy także zapraszać artystów z Niemiec, Grecji, Czech i Skandynawii. Being as true as steel, we declare not to forget about less renowned, yet very promising, artists from abroad, in particular from the nearby Eastern countries and the Far East as well. We hope to exhibit artists from Lithuania, Belarus, the Ukraine and also from the South Korea and Taiwan. We would also like to invite artists from Germany, Greece, the Czech Republic and Scandinavia. Stalowa organizuje również plenery malarskie krajowe i zagraniczne. Już w pierwszym roku działalności odbędzie się ich aż pięć. Dzieła powstałe podczas plenerów będą prezentowane w Galerii. Stalowa is proud to organize many plain-air events in Poland and abroad. By the first year of its activity it managed to arrange five of them. Harvested art will be shown at the plain-air exhibitions at the Gallery. Wolą Stalowej jest wydawanie starannie opracowanych katalogów wystaw indywidualnych i zbiorowych, a także uruchomienie profesjonalnego i rozbudowanego portalu internetowego: oraz prowadzenie regularnych aukcji internetowych. Being true as steel to our artists, we want to provide professionally published exhibition catalogues and to be a part of well developed web portal – – where online auctions are held regularly. Chcemy także pomagać artystom współpracującym ze Stalową w zaistnieniu w obiegu międzynarodowym, dzięki wspieraniu ich udziału w konkursach i przeglądach typu biennale, a także targach sztuk¬¬¬¬¬i pod auspicjami Galerii. We want to help and guide our artists to be known internationally, by supporting their participation in art competitions and reviews (biennials etc.) as well as art fairs on behalf of Stalowa Gallery. Wolą Stalowej jest stworzenie platformy promocji artystów polskich oraz wymiany międzynarodowej na wielu płaszczyznach, tak by stała się ważnym miejscem sztuki w Warszawie, Polsce i Europie. (platforma czy wola ma być tym miejscem? ) It is our will to facilitate a firm platform for further promotion of Polish artists on many levels worldwide, so that Stalowa Gallery can become a significant stop on art’s map of Warsaw, Poland and Europe. Our will is as true as steel. *) ‘stalowa’ means ‘made of steel’
SZOKART Art Gallery
Plac Cyryla Ratajskiego 1, , 61-726 Poznań, Poland
The main aim behind SZOKART Art Gallery is promoting contemporary artists – painters, sculpturers and photographers. Among them are both those whose work is known for its excellence, their names recognizable in Poland and abroad, as well as those who beginning their career in the arts. Our mission is to be a place where contact with art is made possible for everyone. Art collectors, investors, but also people who wish to begin their journey in the arts and need help with discovering the true value of works of art – all are welcome and may fell encouraged to cooperate with us. The art market makes it possible to synchronize the aesthetic dimension with investment of assets in a dynamically developing branch. Works of art are currently considered one of the best ways of investing capital. We wish to encourage more and more people to boldly enter the artistic world. You are welcome to join us! tel.: +48 518962332 Email.: Poznań
Wejman Gallery
ul. Jaracza 8, , 00-378 Warszawa, Poland
Based on the experience acquired since 2004, relevant to implementations for collectors, galleries and cultural institutions, we created a new gallery, where the most interesting phenomena of Polish art of the twentieth century are presented. Our goal is to select the most outstanding works of art and to arrange them in suitable place. We participate in all steps of the project - from the selection of the work of art, through the arrangement, to the assembly of it, focusing on an effect designated byt the customer. Furthermore, our activity in the field of art is also revolved around promotion of the sculpture, which is still underestimted element of interior decoration, both traditional and modern.
Al. Jerozolimskie 101 lok. 52 (staircase C, 3rd floor), 02-011 Warsaw, POLAND
Agnieszka Gniotek (born in 1975) - art historian and critic; curator of exhibitions and plein-airs; juror of contemporary art, design and photography competitions; lecturer in the field of art collecting, art and photography market, alternative investments, promotion and career-building strategies in the art world. She published articles on the pages of IKS Informator Kulturalny Stolicy, Art & Business, Exit, Puls Biznesu, Modern Art, Antyki, Business Class, Format,, Dilemmas Magazine, Private Banking, Cash Magazine, among others. Professionally associated with art for 25 years, with the art market for 15 years. She worked, among others in, where she was running the Gallery in Fabryka Trzciny and preparing the auction project Polska Fotografia Kolekcjonerska (Polish Collectible Photography). For 7 years she has been running her own company, as part of which she prepared auctions and exhibitions for the Polswiss Art auction house and Pragaleria, as well as charity auctions for foundations and associations, incl. The Aperio Association, the Synapsis Foundation, the Lepszy Start Foundation, and the Help for Children Foundation. Since 2016 she has run Xanadu Gallery and Auction House based in Warsaw. It is her own project, for which she bears full substantive and financial responsibility. Xanadu Gallery and Auction House is focused on selling the contemporary artworks created by the young and middle generation up-and-coming artists, as well as the classics of the Polish art scene. At Xanadu, we try to choose the best work of art to meet the individual needs of the client - whether he is an art lover, a collector or an investor. We advise on interior design, building private and corporate collections, art collection marketing, and investing in contemporary art. Xanadu is a hybrid combining the activity of an auction house, organizing hammer and online auctions, and an impresario gallery, representing artists exclusively, supporting their careers through the organization of shows and the publication of catalogues, participating in art fairs and selling their works to recognizable collections. Youtube: Important links: Al. Jerozolimskie 101 lok. 52 (staircase C, 3rd floor) 02-011 Warsaw
Śląski Dom Aukcyjny
Plac Wolności 11/2, , 40-078 Katowice, Poland