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August Laube Buch- und Kunstantiquariat
Trittligasse 19, Zürich, 8001, Switzerland
Barr & Ochsner GmbH
Freiestrasse 111, Zürich, 8022, Switzerland
Catherine Duret Art Moderne et Contemporain
11 rue de Contamines, Genève, 1206, Switzerland
Catherine Niederhauser
8, rue Grand-Chêne, Lausanne, 1003, Switzerland
Daniel Blaise Thorens Fine Art Gallery AG
Aeschenvorstadt 15, Basel, 4051, Switzerland
Finartis Kunsthandels AG
Alpenstrasse 1, Zug, 6304, Switzerland
Galerie Ziegler SA
Rämistrasse 34, Zürich, 8001, Switzerland
Galerie Fischer
Haldenstrasse 19, Luzern, 6006, Switzerland
Galerie Gmurzynska
Galerie Gmurzynska
Paradeplatz 2, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland
For over 50 years Galerie Gmurzynska has been a leading international art gallery, specializing in masterpieces of both classic modern and post-war art. Galerie Gmurzynska is also the leading gallery for artists of the Russian avant-garde and early 20th century abstraction. The gallery’s program, in its three locations (Zurich, St. Moritz, Zug), focuses on historically relevant art of the 20th century. For the past five decades Galerie Gmurzynska has published close to 300 important books, which are renowned in the field of art history and form part of major art libraries worldwide. Galerie Gmurzynska continues to expand its program to build the bridge between modern and post-war art.
Galerie Henze & Ketterer & Triebold
Wettsteinstrasse 4, Riehen/Basel, CH-4125, Switzerland
Art from Classical Modern to Contemporary Art Your specialist for: ◾Expressionism since 1905 and the 20th century ◾Emigration to Italy since 1933 ◾Abstraction, a world language, since 1945 ◾New Figurative and Contemporary Art since 1960 ◾New Media Videokunst.ch Activities: ◾We show up to nine exhibitions a year in our 600 m2 gallery exhibition space. Next to our gallery is the "KUNST-DEPOT" designed by the architects Gigon/Guyer who also designed the Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Museum in Davos. The "KUNST-DEPOT“ is both a storage space for the gallery and, on the top floor, a project room for younger artists. ◾In addition to our gallery exhibition program, we maintain a permanent exhibition from our artists in the gallery rooms. ◾Gallery, Art Dealer, Art Books, Publishing (www.buchhandel.de) ◾Archive and Estate Management (Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Berthold Müller-Oerlinghausen, Theo Eble and Fritz Winter) ◾Exhibitions, Purchases,Sales, Commission, Estimates ◾Consulting concerning Documentation,Authenticity, Conservation, Insurance, Transport ◾Conceptual and organizational advice concerning exhibitions and collections. ◾Since 1993 in Wichtrach, previously in Stuttgart from 1946 , 1962 as well as 1970 in Campione d'Italia on the lake of Lugano ◾Directors: Ingeborg Henze-Ketterer and Dr. Wolfgang Henze. ◾Affiliate gallery (branch) in Riehen/Basel, Galerie Henze & Ketterer & Triebold: Under direction of Dr. Alexandra Henze Triebold and Marc Triebold the gallery Henze & Ketterer & Triebold in Riehen/Basel is committed to artists of German Expressionism as well as to abstraction after 1945 and New Figuration and also to contemporary painting and sculpture from Italy, Spain and Germany Member: ◾Verein Berner Galerien ◾Verein Galerien in Basel ◾Verband Schweizer Galerien ◾Kunsthandelsverband der Schweiz CINOA ◾Schweizer Buchhändler-und Verleger-verband ◾Verband Kunstmarkt Schweiz Klassische Moderne Eduard Bargheer 1901-1979 Conrad Felixmüller 1901-1979 George Grosz 1893-1959 Erich Heckel 1883-1970 Karl Hofer 1878-1955 Alexander Kanoldt 1881-1939 Ernst Ludwig Kirchner 1880-1938 Otto Mueller 1874-1930 Berthold Müller-Oerlinghausen 1893-1979 Emil Nolde 1867-1956 Max Pechstein 1881-1955 Max Peiffer Watenphul 1896-1976 Hans Purrmann 1880-1966 Odilon Redon 1840-1916 Christian Rohlfs 1849-1938 Karl Schmidt-Rottluff 1884-1976 Abstraktion und Informel Francis Bott 1904-1998 Theo Eble 1899-1974 Günther Gumpert 1919 Karl Hartung 1908-1967 Ernst Wilhelm Nay 1908-1968 Bernard Schultze 1915-2005 Emil Schumacher 1912-1999 Fred Thieler 1916-1999 Hann Trier 1915-1999 Ursula 1921-1999 Theodor Werner 1886-1969 Friederich Werthmann 1927 Fritz Winter 1905-1976 Neue Figuration und Gegenwart Elvira Bach 1951 Georg Baselitz 1938 Darío Basso 1966 Jürgen Brodwolf 1932 Katharina Büche 1963 Jiri Georg Dokoupil 1954 Karl Horst Hödicke 1938 Alfonso Hüppi 1935 Thaddäus Hüppi 1963 Robert Klümpen 1973 Kubach-Kropp Kubach-Wilmsen Markus Lüpertz 1941 Giovanni Manfredini 1963 Nunzio 1954 Nakis Panayotidis 1947 A. R. Penck 1939-2017 Pizzi Cannella 1955 Salomé 1954 Paolo Serra 1946 Daniel Spoerri 1930 Marco Tirelli 1956 Darya von Berner 1960 Raymond Waydelich 1938 Bernd Zimmer 1948 Videokunst
Galerie Iris Wazzau
Promenade 72, Davos, 7270, Switzerland
Galerie Kornfeld
Laupenstrasse 41, Bern, 3008, Switzerland
Galerie Maurer
Münstergasse 14, Zürich, 8001, Switzerland
Galerie Orlando GmbH
Dreikönigstrasse 12, Zürich, 8002, Switzerland
Galerie Rosengart
Adligenswilerstrasse 8, Luzern, 6006, Switzerland
Gerber Stauffer Fine Arts
Langstrasse 151 , 8004 Zurich
Kennedy Fine Art
7 rue du Mont-Blanc, 1204 Genève
Koetser Koetser Gallery
Talstrasse 37, Zürich, 8001, Switzerland
Nathan Fine Art AG
Arosastrasse 7, Zürich, 8008, Switzerland
Plutschow Gallery
Waldmannstrasse 6, 8001 Zürich
Silvan Faessler Fine Art
Widenstrasse 31, Zug/Oberwil, 6317, Switzerland
Simon Studer Art Associés
4 ter, route des Jeunes, Genève, 1227, Switzerland
Thomas Ammann Fine Art AG
Restelbergstrasse 97, Zürich, 8044, Switzerland
Tobias Mueller Modern Art AG
Waldmannstrasse 8, 8001 Zürich
Walter Feilchenfeldt
Freiestrasse 116, Zürich, 8032, Switzerland