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Ambre Congo
Impasse St Jacques, 17, Bruxelles, 1000, Belgium
Tuesday to Friday, from 10 to 12.30 a.m. and 2 to 6 p.m. Saturday, 11 to 1 pm and 3 to 6 pm. Ambre Congo was founded in 1974. In 1981, a preview organised by Mr. Pierre Loos and three colleagues led to the foundation, in 1989, of BRUNEAF (the Brussels Non-European Art Fair) and its non-profit organisation. Pierre Loos is president of BRUNEAF. The BRUNEAF catalogue is published annually, along with ´L´Afrique disparue´ (Ed. Skira).
Anne Autegarden
Rue de Stassart, 100, Bruxelles, 1050, Belgium
The gallery specializes in Italian design from 1920 to 1980 as well as French, American and Belgian decorative arts of the 20th century.
Antiquair K. Grusenmeyer
Rue Lebeau, 14, Bruxelles, 1000, Belgium
Monday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6.15 p.m. Sunday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The gallery was founded in 1983 by Stefan Grusenmeyer, an art dealer in Ghent since 1960. His son Karim Grusenmeyer took over in 2000. The gallery is specialized in Asian, African and Oceanic art. Karim Grusenmeyer focuses mainly on Asian South-East, and Joacquin Pecci is responsible for Tribal art. In May 2003, Grusenmeyer´s published ´Spirals and Ancestors´.
Artcade Gallery
Bruxelles, 1180, Belgium
By appointment only. Specialising in Ancient Chinese and Asian objects, Corinne Van der Kindere exhibits at numerous fairs in Belgium and abroad. The gallery also organizes events such as an exhibition of contemporary Chinese painters and Japanese drawings along with her own acquisitions of Chinese funeral objects. Bronzes, painted or enamelled terracottas, jades, wooden or stone sculptures are selected for their historical interest, aesthetic value and condition. Terracotta is always sold with a thermoluminescence test certificate (Oxford-A.S.A.).
Axel Vervoordt
Kasteel van 's-Gravenwezel, St-Jobsteenweg, 64, s-Gravenwezel, 2970, Belgium
Axel Vervoordt acquired a reputation at the end of the sixties as ´connaisseur d´art´ in the Vlaeykensgang in Antwerp. In 1984, Axel Vervoordt and his wife May, moved to ´s-Gravenwezel castle , and made it their home, creating a harmonious balance between their art and antiques collection and the historic settings of the castle. The interior contains an eclectic combination of art and antiques from almost all parts of the world and from different styles and times. There is one constant: each antique object must be eternally contemporary, an inspiration for the future.
Berko Fine Paintings
Kustlaan 163, Knokke-Heist, West Flanders, B-8300, Belgium
Bernard Blondeel
Schuttershofstraat, 5, Antwerpen, 2000, Belgium
Founded in 1962 by Mrs Blondeel, the firm was taken over by her son Bernard Blondeel in 1972. It enjoys a worldwide reputation for its ancient tapestries and archaeological objects. Mr Blondeel attended numerous international fairs and also ran a gallery in Paris with Armand Deroyan from 1996 to 2002. His tapestries and objects can be found in major museums and private collections all over the world. Bernard Blondeel currently works as a consultant in Antwerp (by appointment only).
Boon Gallery
Rue des Minimes, 24, Bruxelles, Belgium, 1000
Boris Vervoordt
Axel Vervoordt Kanaal, Stokerijstraat 19, Wijnegem, 2110, Belgium
In 1999 the Axel Vervoordt company opened ´Kanaal´, a large brick-and-mortar malt industrial complex from around 1870, on the banks of the Albert Canal, just outside the city of Antwerp. Today, the Axel Vervoordt company is headed by Axel´s son Boris. An uncompromising search for quality, beauty and harmony has always been at the heart of their activities. Rare archaeological objects, simple pieces of furniture of timeless design and abstract ZERO and Gutai paintings are brought together in an intriguing dialogue.
Campo & Campo
Grote Steenweg, 19-21, Antwerpen - Berchem, 2600, Belgium
Chaussée de Vleurgat, 272, Bruxelles, 1050, Belgium
Chamarande Bijoux
Rue de l’Abbaye, 67, Bruxelles, 1050, Belgium
Grand Sablon, 5, Bruxelles, 1000, Belgium
d'Arschot & Cie
Avenue Louise, 192, Bruxelles, 1050, Belgium
D. Hertoghe Antiques
Leopoldstraat, 19, Antwerpen, 2000, Belgium
Dartevelle Pierre
Impasse St Jacques, 7, Bruxelles, 1000, Belgium
De Backker Works of Art
Grote Plaats 31, Hoogstraten, 2323, Belgium
De Jonckheere
Av. Hamoir, 66 Bte 5, Bruxelles, 1180, Belgium
de Laminne de Bex Fine Arts
Rue Watteau, 13, Bruxelles, 1000, Belgium
De Pauw - Müller
Jakobijnenstraat, 2, Gent, 9000, Belgium
Dirk D. Maeyaert
Koningin Elisabethaan, 20, Brugge, 8000, Belgium
Dominique Thirion
Rue des Minimes, 35, Bruxelles, 1000, Belgium
Epoque Fine Jewels
Voorstraat 12, Kortrijk, 8500, Belgium
Eric La Pipe
Rue E. Allard, 7/9, Bruxelles, 1000, Belgium
Finzi Claude-noelle
Place du Grand Sablon, 20, Bruxelles, 1000, Belgium
Rue J. Stevens, 35, Bruxelles, 1000, Belgium
François Gonzalez
Avenue De Fré, 4, Bruxelles, 1180, Belgium
Galerie Alain Contardo
Rue E. Allard, 25, Bruxelles, 1000, Belgium
Galerie Bernard de Grunne
Av. F. Roosevelt, 180, Bruxelles, 1050, Belgium
Galerie Bernard De Leye
Av. Hamoir, 41, Bruxelles, 1180, Belgium
Galerie d'Arenberg
Rue des Chandeliers, 9, Bruxelles, 1000, Belgium
Galerie Eloi Robin
Rue Soers de Hasque, 8-10, Liège, 4000, Belgium
Galerie Jan De Maere
Rue des Minimes, 9-11, Bruxelles, 1000, Belgium
Galerie Jean N�lis
Rue Coppen , 2, Bruxelles, 1000, Belgium
Galerie Lamy
Rue E. Allard, 18, Bruxelles, 1000, Belgium
Galerie Lingier
Zeedijk, 743, Knokke-Zoute, 8300, Belgium
Galerie Patrick Lancz
Rue E. Allard, 27, Bruxelles, 1000, Belgium
Galerie Stefan Campo
Vlaamse Kaai, 30, Antwerpen, 2000, Belgium
Galerij Oscar De Vos
Latemstraat, 20, Sint-Martens-Latem, 9830, Belgium
Gallery Pintelon
Pontstraat, 19, Aalst, 9300, Belgium
Gallery Torkild
Place de la Justice, 5, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium, Belgium
Gallery Visser
Rue Lebeau, 37, Bruxelles, 1000, Belgium
Gis�le Croës Arts d'Extrême Orient
Avenue E. Duray, 44, Bruxelles, 1050, Belgium
Guy van Hoorebeke
Boomgaard, 7, Brugge, 8000, Belgium
Rue des Minimes, 17, Bruxelles, 1000, Belgium
Harold t'Kint Fine Paintings
Rue E. Allard, 31, Bruxelles, 1000, Belgium
Honourable Silver Objects
Leopoldstraat, 29, Antwerp, Belgium, 2000, Belgium
J. Zeberg n.v.
J.M. Zeberg - Fine Art
Vleminckstraat 3, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium
J.M. Zeberg was established on its new location in 2011 as a continuation of J. Zeberg (founded in 1946). As dealers and collectors we specialize in handling the finest 15th till 17th century antiques, furniture, textile, sculptures and works of art, in combination with modern sculptures and paintings from 1900 onwards. Based in the historical centre of Antwerp, Belgium, we work closely with private, institutional and corporate collectors worldwide. Our knowledge of the wider art and antiques market enables us to assist clients with the acquisition of European antiques as well as modern and contemporary paintings and sculptures. By combining old and new objects of art, we are creating eclectic harmonious entities reflecting its own unique soul, a distinct, inner and often subtle cohesion. Visit our website: The gallery is open on Friday and Saturday, 11am to 6pm. Also by appointment.
Jan Muller
Rue Lebeau, 49, Bruxelles, 1000, Belgium
Janssens van der Maelen
Rue E. Allard, 23, Bruxelles, 1000, Belgium
Jean-Jacques Tollemans
Rue de la Régence, 21, Bruxelles, 1000, Belgium
K. Van de Ven
Château d'Huyenoven Drie Kastelenstraat, 60, Vilvoorde-Peutie, 1800, Belgium
Klass Muller
Rue Lebeau, 49, Bruxelles, 1000, Belgium
Kyoto Gallery
Rue E. Allard, 20, Bruxelles, 1000, Belgium
La Feuille d'Armoise
Rue de Rollebeek, 19, Bruxelles, 1000, Belgium
La M�sang�re
En Féronstrée, 137-139, Liège, 4000, Belgium
Le Couvent des Ursulines
En Hors Château, 56, Liège, 4000, Belgium
Rue Lebeau , 11, Bruxelles, 1000, Belgium
M & N Uzal
Rue de la Régence, 11, Bruxelles, 1000, Belgium
M. Bascourt Antiquaire-Expert
Mechelsesteenweg, 17, Antwerpen, 2018, Belgium
Marc Heiremans
Rue J. Stevens, 25, Bruxelles, 1000, Belgium
Marc Michot
Groene rei , 3, Brugge, 8000, Belgium
Marcel Nies Oriental Art
Lange Gasthuisstraat, 28, Antwerpen, 2000, Belgium
Michel Rooryck
Minister Liebaertlaan, 52, Kortrijk, 8500, Belgium
Müllendorff Antiques
Leopoldstraat 2-4, Antwerp, 2000, Belgium
N. Ikodinovic & Co
Av. d'Italie, 32 Bte 39, Bruxelles, 1050, Belgium
N. Vrouyr
Komedieplaats, 4, Antwerpen, 2000, Belgium
O. Theunissen
Rue Watteeu, 7, Bruxelles, 1000, Belgium
Ooidonk Fine Arts
Ooidonkdreef, 12, Deinze/B.M. Leerne, 9800, Belgium
Patrick & Ondine Mestdagh
Rue des Minimes, 31, Bruxelles, 1000, Belgium
Patrick Derom Gallery
Rue aux Laines, 1, Bruxelles, 1000, Belgium
Ronny Van De Velde
Cogels Osylei, 34, Berchem, 2600, Belgium
Victor Werner
Arenbergstraat, 15, Antwerpen, 2000, Belgium
Vincent de lange Antiquaire
Av Commandant Lothaire, 81, Brussels, Belgium, 1040, Belgium
V�ronique Michiels
Allée de la Ferme du Bercuit, 16, Grez-Doiceau, 1390, Belgium
Boulevard de Waterloo, 1, Bruxelles, 1000, Belgium
Zada Gallery
Rue des Minimes, 20, Bruxelles, 1000, Belgium
Zen Gallery
Markt, 15, Merchtem, 1785, Belgium