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Attn: CINOA Affiliated Dealers

As of June 2016, CINOA entered an exclusive partnership with RubyLUX ( to combine skills and deliver better visibility and wider outreach to Collectors and Design Professionals worldwide.

Why partner with RubyLUX, an American web site?

1. According to Bain & Company, the US remains the largest market for luxury sales worldwide, and it is, by far, bigger than the next four markets combined: Japan, China, Italy, and France.

2. If you are in Europe, or anywhere outside America, you need exposure to this discerning and affluent audience.

3. Through your own store on, your inventory reaches buyers in America and the whole world. Dealers have reported sales far and wide, including to Latin America, Australia and New Zealand.

4. RubyLUX is a favorite resource of the Design Trade, which accounts for more than 80% of art, antiques, and décor sales. A highly visible section of is devoted to the Design Trade notable activities and achievements, and is supported by a blog that is a hit with the design community.

5. Most popular with the Design Trade is our Concierge Service, where we contact member dealers directly to secure the right piece for the project. Equally innovative is the LUXBOOK, an inspirational search, highlighting the work of designers in conjunction with the inventory, selected by expert dealers, contributing to the magic of the design.

6. Because RubyLUX also believes in supporting your brick & mortar presence, it has sponsored numerous local initiatives. Latest was an elegant and successful event during Asia Week New York at Kapoor Galleries (CINOA/AADLA).

The platform will be empowered to do the same in Europe, as soon as a majority of the CINOA European dealers give their support and engagement by signing up. This includes sponsoring important European fairs and events to increase the visibility and outreach of the formidable and influent network we have created together.

7. A special welcome has been crafted for the CINOA dealers:

• The regular one-time $1,000 Set Up Fee is WAIVED

• A discount of 50% on the regular Monthly Fee, and a larger item count is applied to the first term of the contract (1 year):

- $175 per month for up to 100 items. No other fees.

- $250 per month for up to 300 items. No other fees.

• A special CINOA members Help Desk to facilitate image uploads, training, and account maintenance. We can do uploads for you if requested.

• A special European Sales Director and regional contacts available to help you with any question, the paperwork, the set up and maintenance of your account, or advice on strategies to maximize the exposure of your inventory online.

• Editorial coverage is also made available in our own LUXPOP! online magazine, in our popular LUXList blog section, in our newsletters, and in printed publications.

• Our special reduced-rate CO-OP advertising program with Architectural Digest, and several other publications, is also available to CINOA dealers, together in their own section, under the CINOA logo.

About RubyLUX and its owner: Thomas Johnson.

1. RubyLUX is part of The Ruby Lane Group owned by Tom Johnson, a former IBM engineer and one of those rare and successful organic entrepreneurs worldwide. The group manages and maintains 3 web sites: (curated) is a successful site devoted to Collectibles, and a favorite with Collectors worldwide who see great opportunities for "finds" (confirmed in a recent conversation with The World of Interiors magazine). is a knowledge data bank written by our Curators to help determine if a piece is authentic or not. (curated) is an advanced platform focused on Luxury Designs, Past and Present, as well as on the development of new technology and marketing approaches to facilitate contacts and transactions.

Advantages of working with RubyLUX:

• RubyLUX offers a unique combination of online technical prowess and marketing experience:

- Tom Johnson has built several successful web sites and, recently, the new site.

- The RubyLUX marketing team, whose members came from the most formative background through 1stdibs, is developing new activities and specific formats to respond to regional needs. It recently created a new Newsletter format for CINOA, and sponsored special online and brick & mortar events for CINOA dealers in America.

RubyLUX stands ready to work with the CINOA member associations and our European Agent in developing regional activities and sponsorships, as soon as regional dealer support has been confirmed.

• Everyone at RubyLUX, from our founder Tom Johnson to our newest staff, is passionate about great design. Hence our partnership with CINOA and a special focus on activities to attract Collectors, and Design Trade professionals with their affluent, savvy clients.

• We believe in providing leadership and support with the help of our CINOA partners through special educational events aimed at attracting younger generations to the art and pleasure of collecting, and investing wisely. A dealer mentorship project in a relaxing social environment is in the works.

• We believe in: a) No commissions on sales, b) Quality over quantity.

• We can build your own web site for a low cost.

Last but not least: RubyLUX is charting its own path: working on the next generation of online marketplaces, fostering a tighter connection between online and brick and mortar activities, and building new generations of Collectors and Aficionados.


June 2016: CINOA selected RubyLUX as the best possible partner with which to combine skills and deliver the following:

Build new generations of Collectors with the best educational, inspirational, and most engaging programs available in our field.

Keep ahead of the curve with the most technically advanced marketing tools to help with online reach out and engagement, as well as back to brick and mortar traditional business practice, keeping the fun part alive in the process.

Create a powerful, influential network together. Increase the vitality and power of the art and antiques trade associations with the expansion of our online dealer network and a strong focus on connecting connoisseurs to our dealers. Through the power of our partnership, we will continue to strive to represent excellence in all areas of art and design, and to bring the world's best inventory to the largest and most discerning audience.


EUROPE - Gabor Ujvari, EU & UK Sales Director.

Mobil: +44(0)7584.550654
Skype Mobil: +1.760.536.6077
E-fax: +1.760.406.5982

USA & INTERNATIONAL - Tim Basinger, Dealer Account Manager

(832) 429-6956 (GMT -06:00)
Skype: Tim.Basinger

Additional information:


Editorial and Advertising in Art, Antiques, and Design Trade publications: The Antiques Trade Gazette, Architectural Digest, Financial Times/Weekend Edition/Life & Arts, Elle Decor, Traditional Home, LUXE magazine, Niche Media, Jetset Magazine.

Sponsorship and Advertising support of shows and events: The San Francisco Fall Antiques Show, The Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show, The Naples Art, Antique & Jewelry Show, The Miami Beach Jewelry & Antiques Show, Palm Springs Modernism, The Baltimore Art, Antique & Jewelry Show, The Architectural Digest Design Show, The Kips Bay Decorator Show House, The Los Angeles Modernism Show, The Winter Antiques Show, The Royal Oak Foundation, NYC Art Walk, Asia Week New York.


Targeted Social Media campaigns that build a strong network of the right contacts through Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and Facebook, which has over 40,000 Likes - making it #2 behind 1stdibs. We engage with highly esteemed collectors and design connoisseurs through these platforms on a daily basis.



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