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Dear Colleagues,
I would be very curious to do a survey of our members that would focus on how many times they have had to fill out forms to satisfy some regulatory agency about their business. Naturally, bureaucracy grinds on, but our world is a little bit like a smorgasbord for politicians and bureaucrats. Need revenue--droit de suite and import tax, not forgetting VAT or sales tax. Need a feel good issue--ban something endangered as if by banning something made in the past will alleviate the plight of what is fast disappearing. Need another good feel good issue--chauvinism always works. Need to wake up the voters and alarm them--claim that terrorism is at the root of many of the items dealers sell. The list seems endless. Politicians want to keep their bureaucrats busy and so they prey on the least resistant constituency and that is us.
How do we prevent these ill-informed law makers from overreach? The answer is to wake up the constituency and to unite in efforts to become part of the solution and not an expedient punching bag. To this end, we need to recognize the problem and address it. CINOA has engaged a lobbying firm to do just that. Our image needs polishing and our message needs to be heard.
Furthermore, we need people willing to help us to achieve this goal. I know many of my colleagues will point to the fact that the rules in the EU are different from the US, Australia or South Africa, not to mention the UK.
But we need to start with one governing agency and make inroads that can be referenced in the non-EU countries. It is a simple matter of gaining a foothold to start the process of getting CINOA recognized as a responsible agent.
We need support. We need to respond to things like Clare McAndrews' survey as the survey lends us credibility. We need to insist on good governance of our various organizations. We need to treat CINOA the way we would like the government regulatory agencies to treat CINOA. We have to draw a halt to being the "bad guys" who "get away" with all the things people accuse dealers of doing. That is not who we are. But no one will know and no one will care unless we stand up and make it clear that we are serious about who we are and what we do. It comes down to being the choice of each and every one of you as to where we are headed. My only hope is that we can pull together and not leave the job to someone else.
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All the best,
Clinton Howell
President of CINOA
Clare McAndrews' dealer survey to further the aims of dealers.
Deadline extended to 14 December - The survey takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.
As you well know, CINOA has been taking a much more active role in recent months on the European stage to influence international policy. In particular, we have been addressing the crucial issue of proposed legislation on the import of cultural goods to the European Union. Although a EU proposal, this will have an impact on all global markets that do business with EU member states.
We have now retained the services of the Brussels-based public affairs consultancy Lighthouse Europe, which specialises in European strategy, to advise us and ensure that our concerns about the proposed legislation, which will affect cultural goods over 250 years old, are given due consideration by the appropriate authorities in shaping any new law on this subject.
This strategy forms part of our wider plan to increase CINOA’s visibility, work more closely with members on issues that are important to them and develop strategic alliances with other organisations. As part of this wider strategy we are establishing a mailing list for information so that we can maintain an open dialogue with members at all times. This will be in addition to the monthly newsletter. To this end, we are looking for volunteer key contacts in each country to keep CINOA informed of any relevant developments that affect them, with CINOA keeping them informed of any important and imminent changes in return. It is vital that we have your wholehearted support in these measures if we are to represent members’ interests to the full.
Please contact Erika Bochereau,, regarding any or all of the above.
The 2017 IFPDA Book Award was presented to Anthony Griffiths, the 2015 Oxford Slade Professor and former Keeper of Prints and Drawings at the British Museum, for his landmark book, The Print Before Photography: An Introduction to European Printmaking 1550 – 1820. The publication was honored by Apollo Magazine as 2016’s “Best Book of the Year” and has been awarded a medal by the British Academy which praised it as “a landmark academic achievement.”
Dear CINOA Dealer,

RubyLUX is proud to partner with CINOA. This partnership aims to advance the art and antiques industry by providing you with the exceptional online tools that RubyLUX has built to increase your business, and will continue to grow. We believe that you are the only one who can decide what is right for your business. Please browse through the site and contact with any questions.

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