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Dear Colleagues,
I think we are all torn between standing pat and moving forward. I think of it as unenviable because when you get past 60, it clearly gets a little harder to motivate yourself. Having said this, I want to say that my children, between 30 and 40, just won't allow me to sit. And that is my role as President of this prestigious organization--I have to bug you until you do what is necessary for us. So, this a short to-do list for every last one of you.
1. CINOA Online Exhibition; High resolution photographs of some of your greatest things (they can be from the past, just mark them as not for sale). I need good copy on those items you are presenting. I also would like (but it is not necessary) a story that goes with the artwork. Some objects make you feel, after all, and that is not a bad thing. Send them to me, or to Erika, or to your association. PLEASE!
2. European delegates--we need you to meet your EU representatives in cultural committees. We need volunteers for this work a cocktail party with politicians--it can't be all bad and, in fact, it could be quite good. Get in touch with Erika or your own organization if you can help.
In the meantime, the various shows that I have heard about in the US have all done reasonably well. Since there currently don't see to be trends in our business, I won't try to extrapolate anything other than to say we need your help to make it a trend.
I salute you all and thank you in advance for your kindness in submitting material. To me at, or Erika at
All the best,
Clinton Howell
President of CINOA

Current topics: EU legislation on Anti-Money Laundering and the import of cultural goods, and updates regarding Ivory Ban

As you will know, CINOA has been taking a much more active role in recent months on the European stage to influence international policy. In particular, we have been addressing the crucial issue of proposed legislation on the import of cultural goods to the European Union. Although a EU proposal, this will have an impact on all global markets that do business with EU member states.

We have now retained the services of the Brussels-based public affairs consultancy Lighthouse Europe, which specialises in European strategy, to advise us and ensure that our concerns about the proposed legislation, which will affect cultural goods over 250 years old, are given due consideration by the appropriate authorities in shaping any new law on this subject. Actions on other legislation are also being considered.

This strategy forms part of our wider plan to increase CINOA’s visibility, work more closely with members on issues that are important to them and develop strategic alliances with other organisations. As part of this wider strategy we are establishing a mailing list for information so that we can maintain an open dialogue with members at all times. This will be in addition to the monthly newsletter. To this end, we are looking for volunteer key contacts in each country to keep CINOA informed of any relevant developments that affect them, with CINOA keeping them informed of any important and imminent changes in return. It is vital that we have your wholehearted support in these measures if we are to represent members’ interests to the full.

Please contact Erika Bochereau,, regarding any or all of the above.

Dear CINOA Dealer,

RubyLUX is proud to partner with CINOA. This partnership aims to advance the art and antiques industry by providing you with the exceptional online tools that RubyLUX has built to increase your business, and will continue to grow. We believe that you are the only one who can decide what is right for your business. Please browse through the site and contact with any questions.

Best regards,
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