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Dear Colleagues,

Dealers join into groups in order to attain recognition and, in turn, some power so that they can help to determine their future. For example, when the Art and Antique Dealers League of America (AADLA) wanted to start a show, we were recognized as a legitimate organization by the Armory who gave us a contract so that we could create our Spring Show. Numerous shows have begun in this fashion among most of our dealer organizations with many of these shows becoming established and recognized for excellence, something that many show promoters, in the US at least, have a hard time emulating. I refer to this aspect of our trade organizations to remind dealers that fairs and shows are not only essential to us, but that we are to them. Hence, I feel it important that we ask our members to remind fair and show organizers that what is important to us should be important to them as well. In particular, as large scale fairs such as Art Basel and TEFAF continue to grow and expand their brand, I would ask that they also realize that dealers need a voice at all of the tables where their future is being determined--at the fairs themselves, but also in the parliaments or congress where laws are enacted. I would specifically ask that such fair and show organizers join us in our quest to be heard in becoming part of the solution(s) whether we are talking of money laundering, cultural or CITES issues. It means a lot to us and it could also mean a lot to you.
All the best,
Clinton Howell
President of CINOA

JUN 17, 2019 to JUN 19, 2019

As you will know, CINOA has been taking a much more active role in recent months to influence international policy.
  • Legislation on the import of cultural goods to the European Union
  • Legislation regarding Anti-Money Laundering legislation in the EU & US
  • Updates on ivory bans
Please contact Erika Bochereau,, regarding any or all of the above. CINOA Position papers are posted on the CINOA website in the section ‘Perspectives’
19 Dec 2018- CINOA, along with IADAA and ADA, has campaigned for almost three years against aspects of the proposals because of the risk of serious damage it will inflict on the legitimate art trade. We believe that we have mitigated the worse effects but we are waiting for clarity on a number of points.
The regulation covers cultural goods that are created or discovered outside the EU and are due to be released in free circulation or placed under a customs procedure other than transit. Imports of the most vulnerable cultural goods, such as archaeological objects and elements of monuments, will require a special import licence issued by an EU country if they are at least 250 years old. This licence will be issued upon proof by the importer that the goods in question have been lawfully exported from their country of origin.
Imports of less vulnerable cultural goods, such as collections of fauna or flora, coins, engraved seals, paintings, sculptures, books, which are at least 200 years old and are worth at least EUR18 000 will require a statement by the importer that the goods in question have been lawfully exported.
Information on cases where import licences have been granted and importer statements issued will be stored in a centralised electronic data base, which will be set up by the Commission and be accessible to all national authorities in the EU.
The Commission's original proposal stated that an electronic system may be developed, but trade campaigners insisted that any measure would only be workable with a fully functional electronic system in place. This has been accepted with as result that the import licensing and importer statement system will not start before 2024 or, at the latest, 2026. That gives us seven or eight years to see how details of the process will actually work and seek to amend weak areas that will damage trade and hamper customs.
While any goods outside the "at risk" category, such as Contemporary art, will avoid such measures because of a minimum age threshold of 200 years, others, like Asian art, Arms & Armour and general antiques, among many more, are likely to face real problems, which would have a serious impact on the diversity of major fairs.
Other areas continue to cause concern, including what appears to be an attempt to enforce a UNESCO Convention date of April 24, 1972 on all imports regardless of the various ratification dates of countries of origin.
We also have further questions over some of the definitions involved and how clear they are, but all in all, the results show how our investment in campaigning is paying off in members' interests.
An additional benefit has been the network of contacts we have been building as a result at the heart of the Brussels machine, which should stand us in good stead in future, as well as a growing understanding of the processes involved and a higher profile for CINOA, IADAA & ADA among decision makers.
Text edited from the IADAA Dec 2018 newsletter article, for a more detailed summary see

Syndicat National des Antiquaries (SNA) defends members and the trade
France's syndicate of antique dealers (SNA) fears that report commissioned by President Macron looking into the restitution of African cultural property, will open the door to numerous restitution claims for a range of artefacts. The SNA called for the consequences of the proposals in the report to be evaluated, stating that "the risks of extensions to other geographical areas and periods of history do not seem to have been anticipated". SNA's President wrote: "This arduous and inefficient arrangement risks putting the European art market at a disadvantage while Brexit is fully under way, restricting Paris's place and becoming a mechanism that your administration will not be able to support [in terms of export licences]." In a statement, the SNA also expressed concern about how the report may affect objects from the Americas, Asia, the Mediterranean and other European countries.
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Supreme court victory in France allows the auction house to shift the responsibility for resale royalties from sellers to buyers of works of art. Secondary market dealers say they risk suffering from "unfair competition," and economists warn the change might be unfavorable to artists.
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The LAPADA Conference At The House
The LAPADA Conference returns to the House of Lords on February 21st, 2019, and LAPADA is offering CINOA members the preferential ‘Friends of the Trade’ ticket price of £135 (normally £155).  As well as the opportunity to hear from leading lights in the art, luxury and design market, the ticket also includes an optional exclusive tour of the House of Lords, a three-course lunch overlooking the Thames, and networking drinks at the end of the day.

The LAPADA Conference is a one day conference in London which welcomes 
world-class speakers from a range of disciplines to give businesses the tools and understanding they need to tackle new challenges and sell more within today's ever-changing landscape.

Please find more information in the attached document, and visit
We continue to celebrate the re-election of RubyLUX dealer and highly esteemed colleague, Clinton Howell as the president of CINOA. As you may know, RubyLUX has an exclusive partnership with the CINOA organization with high hopes to continue advancement of the art and antique industries.
For more information on becoming a member of RubyLUX or CINOA, please contact
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