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Dear Colleagues,

The events of the last year in regards to rules and regulations affecting our businesses should demonstrate to all of us that there is an effort by governments to regulate the flow of art and antiques. For example, the UK is working towards the exclusion of any trade in items with ivory - a more Draconian law than the Federal or most of the states in the US. A money laundering bill was sidelined in the US this year, but it will be back for consideration when the new Congress is formed next year. I think you all need to understand that no one no matter what their discipline may be - art, decorative or fine of any era, antiquities through contemporary - will be unaffected by the rules and regulations that are being proposed. It is of enormous importance that we step into the law creation process to deter these laws from being business killers, to not burden our businesses wth endless red tape and allow politicians to understand who we are, what we do and how we benefit not just individuals but economies.

In this regard, the BRAFA group has been very kind to allow us time to have a roundtable discussion on January 31st, 2019 during their Brussels fair about the issues of laws and discussing how we can work together to make the world see us in a positive light. We will have a panel discussion on this subject as well on 2 February and I encourage any and all of our members to contact us if you are interested in participating. I want to thank Bruno Nelis and the BRAFA group in advance for helping with this.
We will send out more details shortly. For more information on our campaigns, please see the section below the fair announcements.

All the best,
Clinton Howell
President of CINOA
JUN 17, 2019 to JUN 19, 2019
As you will know, CINOA has been taking a much more active role in recent months to influence international policy.
  • Proposed legislation on the import of cultural goods to the European Union
  • Legislation regarding Anti-Money Laundering legislation in the EU & US
  • Updates on ivory bans
  • President Trump's Chinese tariff which will affect Chinese art & antiques
CINOA Position papers are posted on the CINOA website in the section ‘Perspectives’
Please contact Erika Bochereau,, regarding any or all of the above.
Sent Oct 5 to CINOA's INFORMATION NETWORK: The art and antiques trade celebrated a victory in the US after the Trump administration dropped plans for an import tax of 25% on art and antiques of Chinese origin.
Committee for Cultural Policy, Kate Fitz Gibbon and Global Heritage Alliance, Peter Tompa coordinated and lobbied relentlessly. New York-based Chinese works of art dealer James Lally of JJ Lally & Co had organised responses from US dealers to the proposed tariff. Christie's, alongside Sotheby's, trade bodies CINOA and BADA as well as dealership Marchant, were among those who provided written testimony.
Trade Lobbying Helps Win Reprieve on US Imports of Chinese Art and Antiques | Read More
Chinese Art and Antiques dropped form US Tariff List | Read More
Import of Cultural goods EU proposal
CINOA, in collaboration with the ADA and IADAA, continues its campaign related to the proposed legislation on the import of cultural goods to the EU. It is imperative that we continue to work to voice our concerns and work with legislators so that they have a better understanding of the art and antiques trade.
We believe that any proposed legislation should be put on hold pending the results of this important study. The associations are continuing to lobby on this issue and we will report back at the appropriate time.
Read More
Update on EU proposal on imports of Non-European cultural goods
Summary of situation (Sent Oct 5 to CINOA’s INFORMATION NETWORK)
Read More
Three culture bill proposals to be debated in November
Three proposals for a European Union law on the import of cultural goods have been tabled for 'trilogue' talks in November.
Read More
Art Market Survey for Dealers to be distributed in mid-November
In mid- November, Arts Economics will once again be looking for the support of CINOA members in completing its annual global survey of the dealer sector. This survey provides critical input for Clare McAndrew's report on the global art and antiques market and your participation plays a vital part in ensuring that the substantial role played by dealers in the international art market is properly recognized. The report will be published in March 2019 and offers the only source of consistent benchmark statistics for the industry which are critical to help expand sales as well as for important political lobbying to further the aims of dealers and the art trade.
A STOLEN CLAUDE MONET was reported Oct 2018
The Cliff of Aval, Etretat 1885. Oil on Canvas 80cm x 97cm. Private Collection. Purchased in France in the 1920's. Lost/stolen when posted between Argentina and Australia via Europe Reward for information leading to the return of the painting. Contact email address JASPER2006@TPG.COM.AU
RubyLUX was a proud sponsor of the recent 2018 AADLA Fine Art & Antique Show and hosted the VIP Breakfast Preview for the opening of the show. It was an exciting and successful show where RubyLUX & CINOA dealers showcased their finest Art & Antiques of the 17th, 18th, & 19th Centuries.
We hope you enjoy some of our captured photographs of the show, booths and ofcourse, its' dealers.
We also celebrate the recent re-election of RubyLUX dealer and highly esteemed colleague, Clinton Howell as the president of CINOA. As you may know, RubyLUX has an exclusive partnership with the CINOA organization with high hopes to continue advancement of the art and antique industries.
For more information on becoming a member of RubyLUX or CINOA, please contact
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