Contributions for lobbying, research and education

Your financial contributions provide much needed support to our organization, driving our mission forward on multiple fronts. These funds play a central role in sustaining and amplifying our efforts in lobbying, research, and education. Here’s a closer look at how your support empowers us to make a significant impact:

  1. Lobbying Efforts: Your contributions provide us with the necessary resources to effectively engage with policymakers and government officials at various levels. Through strategic advocacy and communication, we can articulate the needs and concerns of our sector, pushing for policies and regulations that not only safeguard trade but also foster its growth and innovation.
  2. Research Initiatives: Robust research is the backbone of informed decision-making. Your support allows us to conduct in-depth studies and analysis, generating valuable insights that can be shared with policymakers and stakeholders. These insights are instrumental in shaping evidence-based policies that benefit the trade and its stakeholders.
  3. Awareness Programs: Building awareness and understanding of the issues surrounding the art trade is key. Your contributions enable us to develop and deliver campaigns that inform the public, businesses, and decision-makers about the complexities and importance of the art trade and collecting to encourage public support.
  4. International Engagement: Trade is a global endeavor, and your support allows us to engage not only with EU and US policymakers but also with international bodies and organizations. This broader reach ensures that the trade policies we advocate for are aligned with global standards, fostering cooperation and competitiveness on a global scale.

In summary, your financial contributions are instrumental in advancing our mission to protect and promote trade. By investing in our lobbying efforts, research initiatives, and awareness programs, you are helping us create a more favorable environment for art trade, benefiting not only our organization but also the broader economy and society. Together, we can shape policies and regulations that ensure a thriving and sustainable future for art and cultural goods trade. DONATE NOW!