Why Buy/Sell with a CINOA affiliated dealer

Reasons to buy and sell works of art and antiques through a CINOA affiliated dealer:


  1. Consistent High Standards
    Dealer affiliation to CINOA is contingent upon the dealers and advisers in their fields meeting the high and strict standards of their national trade associations through a carefully managed process of investigation and assessment. These national associations are similarly screened for membership of CINOA.
  2. Authenticity
    The CINOA Codes of Ethics require that art and antiques as well as related material are accurately and professionally described.


  1. Benefit from a Code of Ethics
    Apart from abiding by the code of ethics, CINOA dealers are expected to thoroughly research everything they offer for sale. This research should be provided with the items that are sold.
  2. Value
    When a transaction is agreed with a CINOA dealer, there should be no hidden costs.
  3. CINOA members work with the authorities
    CINOA actively supports ethical trading in a fair and unrestricted art market so that culture can be preserved and shared. CINOA works with governments and other international authorities to help ensure that works from all origins can be part of public collections and that legal obligations are carried out if illegally or illegitimately acquired works of art should be returned. By working with a CINOA dealer, you are part of a larger effort to promote best practices within the art and antique trade.


  1. The World’s Best Expertise
    Numerous CINOA dealers are experienced, outstanding experts who regularly provide advice to museums and have a worldwide renowned reputation, participating on panels and authenticity organisations. The majority of these dealers combine “hands on” experience with awareness of the latest academic researches and of modern technological advances, so making CINOA dealers optimally suited to handle and advise on objects and works of art.
  2. Education and depth of knowledge
    Many CINOA member associations offer educational initiatives which range from newsletters, workshops, conferences, visits, scholarships to accredited diplomas in order to provide practical aspects of collecting as well as cultural and theoretical information. Many affiliated dealers lecture, teach, and participate in other educational programs that help to increase the resources for scholars and the general understanding of art and antiques.
  3. Personalised advice and discretion
    CINOA dealers work with collectors and museums to understand their needs, desires and budgets and offer their best advice on antiques or works of art that correspond to the client’s personal situation. In a low stress environment, dealers enjoy helping clients build collections and discover new interests.
  4. Appraisals (valuations) and consultation
    Many CINOA dealers offer professional appraisals, cataloguing services and consultation to private collectors and institutions.
  5. International and national network
    CINOA, being a worldwide confederation, provides for members and affiliated dealers an easy to access global network to a wide range of experts, internationally and nationally, including service providers such as shippers, framers, restorers, etc.