Jul 07 2023 | CINOA

Draft proposal of the revised Unesco Code of Ethics for Dealers – CINOA AC Statement

The draft proposal of the revised Unesco Code of Ethics for Dealers was on CINOA’s Councilors Meeting and AGM 2023 agendas which were held at the end of June. Please find below a statement regarding the revision process drafted by our board and approved at the CINOA AGM 2023.

“Over the last two years, representatives of CINOA have participated in consultations and discussions with the officers of the UNESCO Secretariat of 1970 Convention regarding the proposed revision of the UNESCO Code of Ethics for Dealers. The aim of the discussions was to see whether we could arrive at a consensual text that properly takes into account both the comments received during the consultations with the art trade and the recommendations of the ICPRCP Working Group. During these discussions, CINOA and other trade representatives presented to the UNESCO Secretariat specific proposed revisions to the draft Code with the aim of rendering the Code more acceptable to the trade. However, at the UNESCO ICPRCP Working Group of March 2022, Member States neither accepted any of the specific revisions proposed to them by CINOA nor proposed any of their own revisions to the draft. We therefore
would like to confirm our commitment to finding a consensual text but in order for this to happen the trade will need to receive from the UNESCO secretariat new proposed additional revisions that realistically take into account our previous input. We would also like to reiterate that CINOA and other trade representatives will need to consult further with member organisations and other trade bodies before being in a position to accept any final version of the Code. We will need sufficient time to allow for a very careful review of the wording and for internal consultations with our committees and membership boards.”