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Apr 26 2021 | CINOA

Why CINOA and Members are Important for Society

This paper underlines the important role of art dealer associations in providing benefits not only for their members but also to the authorities and the general public.  The mission and activities vary among art dealer associations depending on the direct economic, social and legal framework, but all should promote responsible trade practices and cultural heritage. All activities should contribute to the longevity of a thriving, reputable art market which will in turn benefit society.

Art dealers understand the importance of their role in society. By joining an art dealer association, they demonstrate their commitment to unite as a profession to work together towards a better future. It is important to remember that membership of a trade association often requires companies to be peer-vetted, adhere to a high level of standards, participate to the association’s activities including through financial commitments. Thus, membership represents a conscious decision on behalf of the member company to demonstrate and prove its professionalism.

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