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Birmingham, London, Dubai, Hong Kong

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Expertise |contemporary, jewellery
Founded in 2008, D'Joya quickly established a reputation of being more than just a jeweller. Our philosophy is to combine beauty with Art to create a masterpiece. D'Joya brings you exquisite keepsakes that will last forever. Inspired by works of art, fables and the gloriousness of the natural world, each of these inimitable pieces shines a light upon a subject and ingeniously succeeds in bringing a story, or a place, immediately to life. The enchanted D'Joya enthusiast is drawn in by this narrative and is connected personally, forming an immediate circle of trust between the client and the brand, a bond which will be passed on from generation to generation of family members as a wearable heirloom.

Just like creations of man or nature that these D'Joya pieces are modelled upon, so, every one of our eye-catching keepsakes has been painstakingly created over many hours by master craftsmen. The skill of these artisans, lies in their knowledge of time- honoured methods and their ability to find the finest quality ethically sourced gems available.

D'Joya pieces are like detailed sculptures imbued with meaning that come of life when they are worn. Around 5000 years ago, the desire to adorn oneself took on the status of an art form in Indian culture - something that continues to this day. Each one of these pieces is a story that is waiting to be told. Valuable, intricate and one- of-a-kind, these splendid heirlooms are sure to be treasured by collectors and future generations to come.

D'Joya's bespoke commissions is a journey we take with our patrons, to realise their personal stories into reality with our imagination and skill.