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Crockham Hill
Crockham Hill

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Expertise |Clocks and occasional works of art
Derek and Valerie Roberts started dealing in general antiques from a 17th-century cottage in 1968, but within a couple of years were specialising in clocks and to a lesser degree, Tunbridgeware.

As the fascination with antique clocks increased, finer, rarer and more complex examples were sought, carefully restored, documented and photographed. Accurate time-keeping became a major part of the business which was, in the end, to result in a three volume book on the subject. Another subject lead to the publication of the book Mystery, Novelty and Fantasy Clocks.

After 35 years and with Anno Domini creeping up on them, they gave up the business in Tonbridge; however, some four or five years later Lennox and Susan Cato asked Derek and Valerie if they would join them in their new venture at the Edenbridge Galleries. They took a room there, as it enabled them to maintain their interest in antique clocks and they strive to display a selection of fine, rare and interesting clocks.

Derek and Valerie are pleased to meet clients there at any time by appointment, as they only live three miles away and are usually at the galleries on a Saturday between 10 am and 1.30 pm.

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