Join us as we champion the cause of art and antique preservation

Leading national or international associations, auction houses, fairs and other trade related groups representing a diverse range of dealers in art and antiques, are dedicated to the CINOA cause and standards of excellence.
Membership requires a stringent vetting process and thorough election procedure. Members are required to adhere to a rigorously enforced code as laid down by the association’s own code of practice and by the CINOA Code of Ethics.
The active participation of members empowers CINOA to make well-informed decisions that drive the art and antique industry forward, shaping strategies and initiatives that resonate with the needs and aspirations of a diverse membership base.

The financial contributions of CINOA Sponsors provide crucial resources for lobbying efforts, research initiatives, and educational programs, enabling CINOA to engage with policymakers and stakeholders at both the national and international levels to promote favourable policies and regulations that protect the trade.

CINOA’s partner e-directory is for organizations and businesses with significant experience in industries related to or servicing the art and antiques trade which can provide help and support to both the trade and private owners of art and antiques. Partners of CINOA must be recommended by affiliated dealers of CINOA and contribute 2,500 euros/dollars to help fund CINOA’s activities.

This inclusive category welcomes art market professionals, advisors, museums and their staff, collectors, fair organizers, service providers, and anyone who believes in the importance of our mission. Join by donating now!

Sponsors and Friends form a dynamic network of individuals and businesses who provide resources to the CINOA Secretariat and can be called upon for public support when it matters most.

Please contact the CINOA secretariat for more information about becoming involved with CINOA.