Calton Gallery

Calton Gallery

Founded by Andrew & Sarah Whitfield in 1980, and originally located in Royal Terrace, Edinburgh, the Calton Gallery has been dealing in Scottish, English & European fine art for over 30 years. They offer a friendly and professional expertise to aid the experienced collector and first-timer alike in the acquisition of fine art.

The nineteenth century features prominently, as do works by Scottish artists. A particular feature of the gallery’s stock is its range of carefully selected watercolours, many of which delicately capture the distinctive play of light that defines many Scottish landscapes.

Following Sarah Whitfield’s tragic untimely death in 1998, the Calton Gallery moved from its family home and spacious gallery in 2003 and no longer stages the frequent exhibitions it had become so well known for throughout Scotland and beyond. However, Andrew continues to deal from home at 46 Queen Street, close to Dundas Street, where most of Edinburgh’s art galleries are located.

Their online catalogue also shows much, though not all, of their extensive range of fine art which can be bought online as well as in the gallery.

46 Queen Street, Edinburgh, EH2 3NH, Scotland
Gallery Opening Hours:

Open Monday-Saturday by appointment only (semi-retired)