First Arts Premiers Inc.

First Arts Premiers Inc.

First Arts is a hybrid auction-retail company specializing in the work of Canada’s Indigenous artists (Inuit, First Nations & Métis). Our partners Ingo Hessel, Nadine Di Monte, Patricia Feheley, and Mark London have over 100 years of combined experience in marketing and appraising Indigenous art at auction and retail, teaching and public education, writing and publishing, museum curatorship, consulting, and working directly with artists.

Collectively the experts at First Arts are able to offer consignors the choice of auction or retail options. Our twice-yearly live auctions have smashed some thirty world price records, including the two highest prices ever achieved at auction for works of Inuit art, and numerous records for works by individual Inuit and First Nations artists.

First Arts specializes in historic, classic and modern Inuit sculptures, prints and drawings, wall hangings, and artifacts from Canada, Greenland, and Alaska, as well as historic, traditional, and modern sculptures (masks, totems, argillite, rattles etc.), paintings, prints and drawings, and artifacts by First Nations artists from across Canada and beyond.

Because we at First Arts are committed to providing insightful information about artists and individual artworks, our efforts serve to bolster awareness of and respect for the Indigenous arts of Canada. Our emphasis is on quality, thoughtful presentation, and a learning experience. We serve an international clientele of seasoned and novice collectors, corporations, and museums.

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