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Marhamchurch Antiques

Marhamchurch Antiques

Marhamchurch Antiques is dedicated to English and Continental woodwork of the late medieval period through the early seventeenth century.

Over twenty years of continuous searching and acquisition has resulted in the discovery of many important and previously undocumented examples of Gothic, Renaissance, Tudor, Elizabethan oak and walnut furniture and wood carving.

Objects are sought which remain unseen by the market and are exceptional for their complexity, character or state of preservation.

Paul Fitzsimmons has been in the antique business since 1991, dealing in 15th, 16th and 17th century furniture and works of art.

Paul’s main interest is in the Gothic and Renaissance period, dealing mainly in English, French, Flemish and German furniture and sculpture. The main focus is finding unseen items that are both rare and interesting.

Cheriton Bishop, Exeter, United Kingdom, EX6