ART DECORUM – Contemporary Art Gallery

ART DECORUM – Contemporary Art Gallery

Art Decorum Gallery gives professional advice in the field of creating collections of works of art for companies, collectors and private entities.

The gallery offers permanent cooperation as to:
– searching out objects among bids and collectors
– advising on chosen objects, their artistic value and investment profitability
– taking care of existing collections of works of art, their digital saving and cataloguing
– advising in the area of preservation
– acting as an agent in insuring works of art.

Art Decorum Gallery, the creator of the first digital catalogue of collections of works of art of the Cracow’s Arts Palace Art of the Beaux-Arts Society in Poland, covering a few thousand objects, offers the following services:
– digital cataloguing collections of works of art for companies, collectors and private entities
– professional cataloguing, describing and pricing of works of art
– preserving works of art
– saving works of art on various digital recording devices (CDs, DVDs, mini DVDs, portable hard disks, digital
Currently Art Decorum gallery is digitally cataloguing the collections of works of art owned by BRE BANK SA.

‘There are more than 5000 of Corot’s works right in the United States.’ According to art historians thorough research Corot created about 3000 ‘works Frank Arnau writes in his books ‘The art of forgers – art forgers’.
The phenomenon of art forgery occurred when a work of art became a commodity, which was two thousand years ago, and it has been practiced until today. As a matter of fact the practice has thrived because works of art, particularly paintings, have become the most secure investment bearing the highest interest. As a result, the art market is full of sometimes brilliant forgeries of outstanding artists – works which are sold in good faith by reputable galleries and auction houses.
The name ‘Art Decorum’ adopted by the Gallery is an obligation because the term ‘decorum’ denotes not only beauty and decorativeness but also honesty and responsibility as well as dignity and glory.
Works of art offered by Art Decorum are authorized by their creators or have unquestionable and evidenced provenance. Additionally, they are protected by most modern electronic digital systems which enables fast, easy and exact identification in case of theft, which, like forgery, has become more and more frequent nowadays. Art Decorum offers works of popular and recognized artists .
Beside works from the leading Gallery of Masters who have an established position in the history of modern art and on the art market, Art Decorum also offers works of artists who undoubtedly will be recognized masters soon.
Art Decorum – exceptional artists and an exceptional gallery which fully merits its name.

Art critic
Jerzy Madeyski


The Cracow Beaux-Arts Society is expressing their gratitude to their member in Cracow, the owner of ART DECORUM gallery, Mr. Przemysław Witek for conducting the first digital cataloguing of works of art which are owned by the Society.
The collection comprising a few thousand very precious paintings, engravings, drawings, pieces of furniture, porcelain, old prints, have been professionally documented and digitally saved.
In the years 1996 – 2006 Mr. Witek made a comprehensive photographic and digital documentation and prepared, described and catalogued our collection according to our wish.
The digital way of retaining data allows for using them for editorial, scientific, educational and exhibiting purposes as well as in the Internet.
The modern digital protection prevents from exchanging originals into copies.
Yours sincerely,
Juliusz Joniak
Vice Chairman of the Cracow Beaux-Arts Society

BRE Bank SA has been cooperating with ART DECORUM art gallery and its owner Przemysław Witek since December 2009 as far as the project for cataloguing art collections, owned by the bank, is concerned.
The project aimed at creating an electronic, multimedia program – a catalogue used for presenting and archiving pieces of art and especially: photographing and preparing descriptions to the objects in the catalogue, indicating their location within the Bank units all over the country, their pricing as well as information on preserving methods.
The cooperation revealed ART DECORUM to be a reliable and trustworthy party, showing advanced professionalism and experience in precise, timely realisation of the ordered services.
With respect to that, BRE BANK SA declares permanent cooperation with ART DECORUM art gallery. Cooperation with Mr. Witek is to be recommended to all potential clients appreciating professional approach, timeliness and reliability.
Administration & Service Dept. Manager
Monika Rutka-Żuk

ul. Kasztanowa 63a, KRAKOW, 30-238, Poland