Runjeet Singh Ltd

Runjeet Singh Ltd

Runjeet Singh is an antiques dealer and consultant working by appointment from Warwickshire in the UK. He exhibits all around the world at some of the premier antiques fairs and exhibitions.

He specialises in Asiatic Arms & Armour and has been involved in the field since 1999. He is well established on the global market and many consider him a leading specialist in his field. Runjeet currently sits on the board of directors of Asian Art in London.

Runjeet enjoys the study and academia of the field and writes an annual publication which sits on the shelves of many prestigious institutions. He produces regular PDF catalogues to accompany his exhibitions and has also advised and contributed to several highly regarded publications.

Runjeet has a reputation as a dealer of discerning taste, and responsibly sources fine and rare objects with good provenance. This has led to close relationships with not only the most important collectors, but museums and academics as well.

Runjeet meticulously selects objects for his own inventory personally, and takes the same care when sourcing objects for his clients.

Runjeet takes great pleasure in providing confidential advice, consultation, and valuations for collectors, institutions and museums.

Coventry, Warwickshire, CV3 9LU