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Robert Morley & Co Ltd

Robert Morley & Co Ltd

Established in 1881, Robert Morley & Company Limited is a family run company that specialises in pianos and early keyboard instruments. They have a range of upright and grand pianos from Bechstein, Grotrian-Steinweg, W. Hoffmann, Weber, Monington & Weston, Elysian, Steinbach, Waldstein and other fine makers, and offer new, antique and second-hand pianos, with home rental available on selected makes and models.

Full restoration and repair services are available in-house at the extensive workshop and showrooms in Lewisham allowing treasured family instrument to be returned in playing condition.

Additionally, for over fifty years clavichords, spinets, virginals and harpsichords have been made under the direction of John Morley based on the original 18th-century instruments. Instruments are built using traditional techniques and materials including Bavarian Pine soundboards, English Beech bridges and wrestplanks, combined with the highest level of craftsmanship to produce the quality and tone which ensure the continuing success of John Morley instruments. A large selection of John Morley instruments is available for immediate purchase alongside original antique instruments of the 18th- and 19th-century including square pianos. Stools, metronomes, music stands and music cabinets are available in stock or made to order.

The company’s showroom and workshops are located in Lewisham, South London,, near Lewisham mainline with DLR and customer parking available; for more information see www.morleypianos.com.

34 Engate Street, London, SE13 7HA, England
Gallery Opening Hours:

Open Monday-Saturday 9.30-5 excluding bank holidays