Prima Porta Antiquities

Prima Porta Antiquities

Authentic Archaeological Works of Art from Ancient Greece, Cyprus, Etruria, Roman Empire, Dynastic Egypt, Near East and Mesopotamia, Byzancium, Tibet, Far East, Neolithic and Imperial China, Pre-Columbian America and many other ancient cultures.

Authentische archäologische Kunst aus dem antiken Griechenland, Zypern, Römischen Imperium, Alten Ägypten, Naher Osten und Mesopotamien, Tibet, Ost-Asien, Alten China sowie Präkolumbische Kunst und viele andere antike Kulturen.

Gallery, Wilanow, 8, Ks. P. A. Hlonda Street, 02972 Warsaw, Poland
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Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, , , Saturday: 12:00 19:00
Sunday, Monday: Closed