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Kent Antiques Ltd

Kent Antiques Ltd

Kent Antiques is a leading Islamic and Indian art gallery specializing in courtly objects and works of art. The gallery’s expertly selected collections include Ottoman, Persian and Mughal ceramics, textiles, miniatures, calligraphies, paintings, ivories, woodworks and orientalist paintings.

Since its foundation the gallery has presented private exhibitions. The company’s clients include museums, major institutions as well as private collectors. All works of art offered by Kent Antiques is ethically obtained from national and international private collections and trade. The provenance of every piece is checked to make sure none were exported from their country of origin in recent years. The company has an international reputation and is highly regarded by national and international institutions, private collectors and dealers.

The authenticity of every single work of art offered for sale is guaranteed and certificate of authenticity is provided on request. Utmost attention is paid to provide genuine works of highest quality in good condition. The company is active since 1997, is based in a ground floor gallery in the corner of Old Brompton Road and Queen’s Gate in South Kensington. Kent Antiques is a member of BADA Organisation.

Born in 1970, Mehmet Keskiner is the director of Kent Antiques Ltd. He has been active in the field since 1992. He studied the history of Islamic art and architecture at SOAS, University of London. He is a leading specialist dealer in Ottoman art, islamic courtly objects and orientalist paintings. He is well known internationally for his expertise, taste and integrity. He works for national and international museums, private collections and advises collectors.

Flat 3, 107 Queen's Gate, London, London, SW7 5AG, England
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