Highland Antiques

Highland Antiques

Highland Antiques Limited is an established trader in mainly Scottish silverware. We have an excellent track record of successful dealings with clients all over the world and pride ourselves on the personal service that we give.

This website is dedicated to the high quality and much sought after silver items that were Assayed in Scotland. The online payment processes are handled via PayPal using secure servers which encrypt your credit card details. You do not need a PayPal account to make payments.

There have been two Assay Offices in Scotland: Glasgow from 1819 to 1964 and in Edinburgh from the late 15th Century to the present day.

Silver items from all the other Scottish cities and towns that are only marked with the makers marks and their town marks are known as Provincial Silver and can be found on our other website www.scottishprovincialsilver.com.

Scotland has a long history of producing both exciting and exceptionally high quality silverware. This was highlighted recently in the exhibition of Scottish Silver at the Scottish National Museum. The number of surviving pieces of Scottish Silver are much less than that of the English counterparts and as such generally command higher prices.

Our range of products tends to be quite fast moving, particularly smaller items, and new stock is received daily. If you do not find an item that you are looking for, please contact us and we will advise whether we have it available. We will also keep a lookout for special items that you seek.

Highland Antiques, 47 Kingshill Avenue, Aberdeen, AB15 5HD