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Legge Carpets Ltd

Legge Carpets Ltd

Christopher Legge and Angela Seger-Legge are a husband-and-wife team specialising in antique and contemporary carpets and textiles of integrity and artistic merit.

Christopher trained and practised as a repairer before opening his first shop in Witney in 1974, and is known for his expertise in tribal weavings. Over the past 20 years his travels to Iran, where a lot of their material is researched and sourced, have taken him to the major centres of weaving but also more remote and less-known areas of carpet production.

Angela is responsible for the introduction of contemporary rug art to the business, in particular the cooperation with Jan Kath, who is at the forefront of contemporary carpet design and has won numerous international awards.

Their business therefore offers a wide range of antique – mainly 19th-century – carpets and textiles from Europe through Central Asia to the Far East, including a considerable number of Uzbek silk Ikat coats and an exceptional collection of Persian Jajims, but also modern textile art, thus spanning several centuries of creative activity.

They also offer a cleaning and repair service carried out by an experienced repairer.

25 Oakthorpe Road, Summertown, Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX2 7BD, England
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Open Monday-Saturday 9.30-5; Wednesday by appointment