The Authentic Tribal Art Dealers Association (ATADA) was formed in 1997. ATADA is
an international association of tribal art dealers, auction houses, museums and
collectors dedicated to promoting ethical and professional conduct among dealers,
encouraging responsible collecting and supporting research and study of tribal art.

In furtherance of the association’s objectives, ATADA member dealers guarantee
authenticity, condition and title with every sale pursuant to the requirements of the
ATADA Bylaws. The association maintains a Theft Alert posting service on its website
that is offered free of charge to any individual, business, tribe, museum, or
governmental agency.

ATADA promotes public awareness of tribal cultures and the roles that their art and
artifacts played or continue to play in their culture of origin. The association supports the
lawful circulation, trade, collection, curation and study of art and artifacts from
indigenous or tribal cultures, both historic and contemporary.

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