The I.A.P.N. was constituted at a meeting held in Geneva in 1951 to which the leading international
numismatic dealers had been invited. There were 28 founding members. The purpose of the
Association was the development of a healthy and prosperous trade in numismatic materials,
conducted to the highest standards of business ethics and commercial practice, the encouragement of
scientific research and the propagation of numismatics internationally, and the creation of lasting and
friendly relations amongst professional numismatists world-wide.
Membership is held by numismatic firms, or by numismatic departments of commercial institutions,
and not by individuals.
In furtherance of numismatic research, the Association has published or assisted in the publication of a
number of important numismatic-related works. In particular, close links with the International
Numismatic Commission are maintained, and our members take an active interest in the various
numismatic organisations.
An international congress, called by the I.A.P.N. to discuss and study measures to combat
counterfeiting, was held in Paris in 1965, and, resulting from this, in 1975 the Association established
the International Bureau for the Suppression of Counterfeit Coins (I.B.S.C.C.) in Brussels.
The members of the I.A.P.N. guarantee the authenticity of all the coins and medals which they sell –
this is a condition of membership – therefore numismatic material may be purchased from any of the
firms listed in the following pages in the full knowledge that any item(s) later found to be counterfeit
are returnable with a full refund, without regard to the date of purchase.
The Association is a non-profit making organisation established within the terms of points 60 to 79 of
the Swiss Civil Code. Further enquiries by email, phone or by mail about the Association may be made to the General Secretary: 57 rue Grimaldi, 98000, MONACO

As an Associate Member of CINOA, IAPN's members are not directly affiliated to CINOA

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